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Wigs have been a part of our lives for many years now. People use them to tackle hair loss issues. Many even buy wigs to hide bald patches and go outside with ease.

Besides that, many people like to wear a Lace front wigs for experimenting with new hair looks. After all, this type of wig is best for creating a natural hairline. It is the primary reason why people opt for this item.

However, the frontal lace wig comes in many types. If you’re wondering about them, you no longer have to. Here is a complete resource for frontal lace wig types. Knowing your options will allow you to get the best wig for yourself.

Frontal Lace Wig Types

A frontal lace wig has a lace cap and lace sheer on the head crown. No matter what the type, all of them allow, your hairline to appear more natural.

The key difference between various frontal lace wigs for women is that they target different areas. Additionally, their ease of wearing can vary. Here are the top frontal lace wig types:

  1. Mini Frontal Lace Wig

The mini frontal lace wig is not an item that comes with a complete cap. Instead, it has a tiny section that is made up of lace material. When wearing the wig, this section goes to the part where your hairline starts from.

Typically, the small section on a mini frontal lace wig is shaped like a crescent moon. It also comes in triangular form and measures about two or three inches. The purpose of this type is to allow you to have a lifted hairstyle.

  1. Traditional Frontal Lace Wig

This is the most prevalent type of frontal lace wig you will find on the market. It measures about 4 to 4.5 inches and offers high flexibility when it comes to styling. This is why people love the traditional frontal lace wig.

A key feature of this is that the sheer portion lies on the middle of your forehead. So you can part the hair with ease and keep them off your face. The best part is that your hairline will still appear natural.

  1. Extended Frontal Lace Wig

The extended frontal lace wig is always made up of soft material. They measure about 6 inches to 7 inches. A key feature is that this wig will reach the front part of your ears.

If you love to tie your hair in a ponytail, then this is the frontal lace wig type you want. Besides that, an extended wig is also recommended for people who love to wear hair accessories such as headbands.

  1. Comfort Frontal Lace Wig

Do you experience scalp irritation when you wear the traditional frontal lace wig? If so, then you need to shift towards the comfort type. This wig is mainly for people with sensitive skin.

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