Epic Games has discreetly dispatched the Imposters Trials—an occasion where players can gather free in-game beauty care products. Similar as the Lantern Trials from a couple of months back, the Imposters Trials work comparatively. Players should explore to a particular site, sign in to their Epic Games account and procure identifications dependent on the characterized rules.

The individuals who assemble enough identifications can win a free wrap, splash and emoji. Permit ESTNN to direct you through the Imposters Trials interaction to raise you to an acceptable level.


In light of on the hit whodunnit computer game Among Us, Imposters Mode permits a limit of ten players to take an interest in a given match. There are eight specialists and two frauds. Specialists should finish jobs, stay away from disposal on account of the shams and attempt to recognize the frauds no matter what. Fakers have the work of subverting the specialists, going undefeated and disposing of whatever number specialists as could be allowed.

Games ordinarily end when the two Imposters have been recognized, all specialists are wiped out or all undertakings have been finished. Since we’ve covered the game mode, how about we investigate what the Imposters Trials involve.


The Imposters Trials are a bunch of difficulties dependent on Fortnite’s freshest game mode. In any case, in contrast to past preliminaries, these difficulties are a lot simpler to finish. The objective for players taking part is to acquire identifications dependent on games played in Imposters Mode. Each two games completed nets players one identification in the Imposters Trials. Members will likewise acquire an identification only for signing into the site.

When players gather 11 identifications, they will have procured every one of the three accessible beauty care products.

Here is the prize dispersion breakdown for the Imposters Trials:

1 Badge – Hot Headed Spray

6 Badges (12 Imposters games played) – Just Between Us Emoticon

11 Badges (22 Imposters games played) – Spectral Flex Wrap

2 games played = 1 Badge

The most effective method to REGISTER FOR IMPOSTERS TRIALS

To begin, adhere to the directions underneath:

Explore to Imposters Trials site

Sign in to your Epic Games account

Whenever done accurately, you ought to naturally procure one identification

All following identifications should be procured by playing Imposters Mode

The site permits you to actually look at your advancement, so you’ll need to utilize it as an accommodating asset. Also, there’s a lot of time passed on to gather the in-game beauty care products before the finish of the preliminaries. As of the present moment, the expected end date is September 6. Notwithstanding, just 5 million players can enter, so make certain to adhere to the directions above before it’s past the point of no return.

We’ll refresh this post with any extra data.