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30-Second Summary

  • Super processed foods, fries, crackers, and baked goods raise sugar levels too fast. They increase food cravings that make you eat more and gain weight.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates as they have more sugars, less fiber, and proteins if you are trying to lose weight fast.
  • You can combine exercise even as you avoid some foods in your diet plans to help you burn fat and lose weight faster.
  • Modere Trim reviewsshow that the dietary supplement may help you lose weight if weight loss diets or other methods fail.


Many obese and overweight people put lots of effort to lose weight. Some even go for the top weight loss supplement they lay their hands on. However, most people hate exercise or are too busy to afford the time. But apart from exercise, doctors and dieticians recommend strict diet plans to help them reduce weight. Unfortunately, most diet plans force people to avoid some of the most craved foods.

Yet, according to the Health Web Magazine, fad diets and extreme weight loss plans can’t compare to balanced healthy weight plans. When trying to lose weight, it’s best to avoid certain foods and concentrate on a low-calorie diet.

That way, you will avoid excess calories that lead to fat storage and weight gain. So, the best diet plan must consist of low-calorie foods, and you shun the highest-calorie foods. Some high-calorie foods include refined cereals, baked foods, French fries, sugary drinks, and chips.

So, here, we discuss the 5 foods to avoid while trying to lose weight.

  1. Sugary cocktails – Fruit juices, energy drinks, sweetened beverages, and sodas are some of the worst foods if you’re trying to lose weight. In truth, the drinks never fill your stomach. Yet, some contain a lot of calories. You will take more food to make your stomach full.

The extra food adds more calories to your body, though the body already has enough share of calories. As a result, the excess calories get stored as fats in the body that increases your weight. As such, you must avoid sugary cocktails in your best diet plan since they are unhealthy.

One study in 2015 found a strong relationship between taking sugary beverages and weight gain in adolescents and children. The American Dietary Guidelines (2016) affirm that an average American consumes about 17 teaspoons of added sugar daily. And of the seventeen, half of the sugar was from sugar-sweetened cocktail drinks.

  1. High-calorie baked and processed foods like pastries and cookies – Research shows that high-calorie baked foods are not only unhealthy, but they pack lots of sugars. Remember, baked foods are made with refined white flour, and most have added sugars.

Premade desserts, baked goods, and processed foods contain trans fats associated with heart attacks and death. Besides, the sugary baked foods force you to eat more. More eating adds more calories and fats to the body. In any case, research shows that people who ate fructose in processed and baked foods had more hunger pangs than those who ate glucose. So, avoid such foods if you want to lose weight or grab a fruit or a bar of dark chocolate instead.

  1. Fried foods – Many fried foods, like French fries, are loaded with calories since they are deep fried with lots of fat. The frying process adds much fat and calories that will increase your weight. Such foods don’t have proteins or fiber. So, you won’t feel full quickly, and you eat a lot of the fries, too.

Studies show that people who consume fried foods more frequently have a higher risk of premature death. Though it’s hard to avoid hunger on an outing, try to go for fresh fruits that contain fiber and are less sugary instead of fries if you are on a weight loss journey.

Otherwise, if you can’t avoid such refined and processed foods, you may try the Modere Trim dietary supplement. It is a weight loss supplement. Modere Trim reviews say that the dietary weight loss product may help you lose weight without a strict diet plan. Additionally, Modere Trim will tone your muscles, burning excess fats in the body.

  1. Junk foods and refined carbohydrates – Taking junk foods and refined carbohydrates that don’t have fiber is detrimental to your health if you wish to lose weight. Cereals with the outer husk removed like white flour and white bread don’t have dietary fiber to aid digestion and make you full quickly. Refined foods increase the sugar levels in your blood and your appetite.

Such foods lead to weight gain and obesity with time. For instance, white bread is refined and has lots of sugar. This has a high glycemic index – meaning it will sharply raise your blood sugar levels.

One study found that if you eat two slices of white bread daily, you increase your risk of excess weight and obesity by over 40%. So, if you’re in a fast lane to lose weight, eat unrefined carbs from whole cereals.

And if you must eat bread, rice, wheat, or maize, get the ones labeled brown to be safe as they have proteins, fiber, and lower sugar amounts. The fiber in wholemeal cereals makes you feel full, thus preventing overeating and food cravings that help you lose weight.

  1. Chips and crackers – With added sugar, salts, and lots of fats, chips and crackers are bad for your health. Several studies have found a direct relationship between eating highly processed crackers and obesity.

Avoid crackers like chips, dry bread, dry cereals, and rice cakes if you want the best dietary plan to remain healthy and lose weight. Chips and crackers don’t make you feel satisfied. So, you will eat more like a hobby. In most cases, (studies show) the crackers raise the sugar levels fast.

According to Health Web Magazine, when these foods raise sugar levels, the body produces excess insulin to absorb the spiked sugars. In no time, you feel hungry, and you crave sugary foods that worsen the situation. Eating more means sugars addiction, more fats, increased calories, and more weight as extra calories get stored as fats in your body.


In a nutshell, if you are trying to lose weight fast, avoiding the 5 foods will come in handy. Refrain from high-calorie processed baked foods, refined carbohydrates, crackers, sugary cocktails, and fried snacks.

But when the task becomes too much, you may try a top weight loss supplement. It may help you lose weight quickly by burning excess fats in your body. You’ll notice results in no time!

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