Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Gorpcore Trend

Modern streetwear trends are giving outdoor wear shops a huge marketable opportunity. Gorpcore fashion is slowly gradually being embraced by streetwear enthusiasts from different subgenres. The big and bulky aesthetic has made an impact on today’s contemporary fashion with big names in Hollywood being the initial trendsetters. 

Because of this phenomenon, outdoor wear shops now have to cater to both outdoorsmen and streetwear aficionados who want to get the latest fashion pieces. Collaborations between luxury brands and outdoor apparel companies are also causing a huge spike in sales. Since most streetwear trends revolve around exclusivity, limited edition outerwear has become the new sought-after product with prices skyrocketing especially in the resell market. 

The Peak of Gorpcore

In case you didn’t get the memo, puffer vests and down jackets are making a comeback in casual wear. While Gorpcore may seem like a newcomer in the streetwear fashion scene, the aesthetic and appeal of this subgenre have actually been embraced by many since 2010. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the term Gorpcore, which is an acronym for “good old raisins and peanuts” was coined by Jason Chen. 

While outerwear is not entirely uncommon in streetwear, the typical choice for many streetwear enthusiasts is not as extreme as those who prefer the Gorpcore aesthetic. Gorpcore typically incorporates a layering system with bright-colored down jackets and parkas. Outdoor wear shops also offer choices that would appeal to a more diverse crowd which is why it’s now common to see outerwear with outlandishly huge pockets and tactical straps. 

Gorpcore Clothing Essentials:

1. Down/Insulated Jackets

Down or insulated jackets bring the bulk to the overall Gorpcore aesthetic. Insulated Jackets are typically warm and comfortable which is why it’s always a great choice for a normal night out in the city. Outdoor wear shops also offer down or insulated jackets in multiple colors which can cater to a more diverse sense of style. 

2. Hardshells/Technical Outerwear

Technical outerwear can be a more diverse choice of outerwear. It’s much lighter and can be worn in almost any type of activity. It can also be incorporated into a more extreme Gorpcore aesthetic as the layer that would go over the insulated jacket. 

3. Tactical Pants/Cargos

The loose aesthetic of tactical pants or cargos has made a comeback in recent years. They’re extremely functional and comfortable whether you’re on a mountain hike or a stroll around the city. Many companies have also released collections that feature colorful paneling designs which can match any type of outerwear. 

4. Hiking Boots

Compared to leather boots, hiking boots provide a more three-dimensional aesthetic which can accentuate your overall outfit. Hiking boots can also come in different colors and structures. They are also highly durable and comfortable since they are meant for rougher terrain and extreme usage. 

5. Tactical Bags and Accessories

Bags and accessories are necessary elements in completing the whole Gorpcore aesthetic. Outdoor wear shops typically offer a vast array of accessories such as beanies and gloves which can elevate an overall outfit. Ideally, it’s better to find bags and accessories that are versatile in design so they can match the general type of clothing you have in your wardrobe. You can up your game by wearing your outfit with a corset. Corsets have been around for ages and can go with anything you wear. Always refer to such good waist training guidebook before buying a corset.