Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Five tricks to rent vacation homes on the Internet

Strategies for renting a vacation home online include paying through the platforms and choosing accommodation with many photos and good opinions from travelers.

Renting a studio apartment in Lagos, or vacation rental flat in Abuja, for four or five days at a reasonable price is possible! Online platforms that offer accommodation between individuals, such as Plistbooking.com, allow you to stay in unique places in Nigeria and offer security and guarantees. 

To avoid making a mistake, choosing homes with numerous photos and opinions from travelers is advisable, not relying on prices that are too cheap and always paying using the platforms.

Rent a vacation home: beware of bargains!

Online scams in vacation homes are rare and do not represent more than 0.001% of all transactions carried out globally. However, no matter how small, there is always the possibility of falling for a scam. So it is essential to be wary of “hard to resist” offers and bargains in high season because they often hide potential scams.

It is difficult to be deceived when booking online through platforms since some insurance and guarantees cover the user against possible contingencies. But in some, it is allowed to book directly with the owners and, if done, measures must be taken. 

If in doubt, it is convenient to send an email through the platform’s internal system or call the phone number that appears in the ads to verify your identity and review the conditions.

Rent a house with many photos

The photographs of the vacation rental homes are one of the most useful quality filters to get an idea of ​​whether what the owner or manager of the house is offering is in line with what is promised in the accommodation’s description. The more images there are-and of all the rooms-the better.

What do previous visitors think?

According to previous users, Plistbooking.com vacation home users show high satisfaction (five stars out of five). And their opinions are one of the best guarantees when deciding on a vacation rental apartment in Ibadan, Oyo. As they point out from Plistbooking.com, there can be no cheating, and all the opinions and references published in a profile belong to users registered on the platform who have been house guests.

The opinions, moreover, are very useful to know if the house fits what you are looking for: size, comfortable to go with children or pets, if the area is noisy, etc.

Sign a contract

It is not mandatory but recommended since a contract establishes the conditions under which the stay will take place and includes the rights and obligations of each party. The contract is the best guarantee to ensure a peaceful stay and to be able to calm down if necessary. If the owner or manager of the chosen home does not expressly offer it, it is best to request it.

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Pay through home rental website platforms.

Some regional regulations establish how the reservation, deposit, and payment must be made but, in their absence, the usual thing is to pay a deposit to guarantee the reservation (from 10% to 25%) and make the total payment before the least one month before the date of stay. 

The idea is to contact the landlord directly, but, in the case of choosing offline payment systems, it is convenient to request the landlord’s bank details to make a bank transfer instead of providing your data.

When submitting a reservation request, payment details must be entered on Plistbooking.com. Once the host accepts it, a charge is made for the total amount of the stay. The subscription is held for 24 hours after arrival, after which it is transferred to the owner so that both parties have a reasonable margin of time to check that everything is correct.

It must be borne in mind that any payment made outside the web payment platforms, such as cash payments, makes it difficult to guarantee personal data privacy and exposes the user to fraud and dangerous situations.


Before embarking on that trip from the USA, Canada, or the UK to Nigeria, make sure you book cheap hotel rooms in Abuja of your choice on Plistbooking.com. This helps you prevent fraud or unhealthy environments, as our vacation rentals apartment in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Ibadan, and Abuja are safe and properly cleaned.