Sat. May 18th, 2024

You joined a band because you love music and believe that the work you create adds something to the world. Being in a band is both about making music and connecting with the audience. More than just releasing music, you can connect with your listeners in other ways. If you want to reach more people, add to your band’s repertoire, and have a lot of fun, you need to make a music video. There are many reasons why making a music video is the right call for your band, so keep reading to learn of five reasons why it’s time for you to make a music video!

  1. It Will Bring Exposure

Whether your band is just starting out, a local favorite, or widely known, making a music video will bring you exposure. Simply considered, there are platforms for listening to music, there are platforms for watching videos, and there are platforms where you can do both. The more ways you can offer your music, the more platforms where your band can be found, which leads to more exposure. And every artist knows that you should never stop promoting your name, because you can always become better known. When you prioritize music video distribution, you are guaranteed to reach more people. 

  1. It Establishes Brand

It’s important that your audience understands who you are as a band if you want them to really connect with you and your music. There are a seemingly infinite number of musicians and music groups out there, and many listeners will never go deeper than just listening to their music. But if you don’t want your audience to simply listen to one or two of your songs in their playlist shuffle, you need to make sure they know and love you as artists. Although your band is made up of individuals, you need to have a strong band brand that fans can pinpoint. This will help bring your niche audience to you, but everyone who hears your music and views your content should be able to see what you stand for. 

Making a music video is an excellent way to help convey your brand. Through outfits, colors, setting, storyline, motions, set design, and concepts, a brand can easily be built. Just think of all the visual learners you know; when people can connect with a band by visualizing them, they better understand them.

  1. It Lets You Represent Your Music in a Visual Way

Speaking of visuals, they do more than draw your audience to you because they also help you add depth to your art. While the heart of your music is the sounds and lyrics you’ve created, adding another sensory layer allows you to showcase your art in another realm. When you make a music video, consider it a prime opportunity for your band to expand your work in a ways that resonate with you. The chance to collaborate with creatives of multiple different areas to create something lasting is one you can’t miss. 

  1. It Gives You Content for Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and Other Applications 

When you apply for grants and festivals, book venues, and reach out to other creatives or those in the music industry, you need to share your electronic press kit (EPK) with them. This is a digital promotional package that shows who your band is, what you’ve accomplished, and where you’re heading. A solid EPK includes visuals, audio, social media handles, and video footage that presents booking agents and hiring managers with a comprehensive look at your band. Including visual footage is often required when submitting applications, and is certainly an asset. 

  1. It Will Be Lots of Fun

Not only will making a music video bring multiple benefits to your band’s brand and marketing, but the whole act of making a video will be fun! As a band member, it can be easy to feel caught up in booking venues, trying to reach more people, and releasing content for the fans, but you can’t forget your core motivation—making music because it’s what you love to do! The other members of your band are your close friends who you enjoy working with and growing a team together. Making a music video will be a great memory you’ll always share.

If this is your first music video, imagine looking back on it years in the future and seeing how far you’ve come! You’ll be able to reflect on all the ways your band has grown over time. 

You’re in a band because you love the music you create, but as an artist, you’re also aware of the importance of the promotional details that go hand-in-hand with making music; you need to reach audiences, establish your brand, create content that will deepen connections, and sell yourself to music industry professionals. Making a music video will help you with each of these things. In fact, there are five great reasons why your band should make a music video. Now that you’re convinced, start brainstorming for your next video!

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