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Five Reasons Why Anti-Ligature Products Are Important

Ligatures are defined as anything that can be used to bind or tie. Generally speaking, there are a lot of ligatures in any given area, which is not a problem under normal circumstances. But when you consider the complex needs of a suicidal person, you have to consider ligatures as a potential way to cause self-harm or worse. In light of this, anti-ligatures are defined as things that are made in a way that discourages individuals from tying or attaching a rope or cord.

They Might Reduce Suicide and Self-Harm

In mental institutions, almost 75% of individuals who commit suicide end their lives by strangling or hanging. However, preventive measures in mental health services might benefit from a greater understanding of the techniques these people employ.

An anti-ligature product such as ligature resistant TV enclosure has the following traits:

  • Smaller holes for perforation in products that need to be ventilated
  • Small joint gaps
  • Minimal spaces between the wall and the product when wall-secured
  • Round corners and a bullnose
  • Complete encasement
  • A customized strategy to adapt the product to several environmental kinds

In an effort to prevent suicide and self-harm, manufacturers have rendered it highly challenging for service users to connect ligatures.

Stronger in Most Cases

Patients search beyond the apparent ligature points when they intend to self-harm. Vandalism frequently occurs in furnishings in mental health facilities. Service Users may use the broken furniture as a weapon or ligature point once it has been vandalized. Manufacturers are urged to produce anti-ligature items that are more durable and sturdy than their regular counterparts since they understand that furniture in mental health institutions is susceptible to harm.

Points of Anchor Below the Head

Many people believe that ligature points higher than the head are the source of suicide danger. Nonetheless, ligature anchor points below the head and even at waist height have been the site of numerous suicides. People frequently look at a ceiling to determine the potential hazards when they hear the word “hanging,” although this is undoubtedly untrue. While TV cabinets and other anti-ligature items may be below head height, the radiator you select is just as crucial as the curtain rail.

Cost-effective in the long term

Because vandalism occurs often, mental health facilities must replace damaged goods with thousands of pounds worth of repairs every year. Think about how long a durable and damage-restrictive anti-ligature product will last. The money saved by not having to replace broken furniture as often could be put toward making the facility better for service users, which would help them heal more quickly.

The Use of Anti-Ligature Products Is Not Just for Mental Health

Anti-ligature products like a ligature resistant TV enclosure can be employed in various settings, even though their features closely match those of a mental health setting. Anti-ligature products are necessary in several settings, including police departments, hospitals, and senior care facilities. This is because the people who need some amount of care are vulnerable. It’s also crucial to remember that many people who have made suicide attempts are usually admitted to a general hospital for emergency care first, which should cause all medical facilities to reevaluate their ligature prevention plans.

There are several reasons to consider switching out some of your ordinary fixtures and furniture with an anti-ligature item. Because of this, a variety of anti-ligature products have been created to address the concerning suicide rates seen in various settings.

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