Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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When you think of a spa, you think of relaxation. A bone-deep desire for rest. So naturally, you smell calming fragrances and soothing sounds. The hallmark of a good spa is in the way they draw on these qualities to make customers return. 

The complete spa experience isn’t rooted only in the range of services, or location but also the quality of decor. The way you organize and decorate your space is an important component of the customer experience. It has to create an impact and lasting impression. 

Here are five precious tips to help you get better at spa decor.

Finding The Right Furniture

Finding the right furniture can be a lynchpin of the spa experience. Your seating is the one used b clients for a long time. Even if they are well used, the furniture must always be comfortable and appear clean to the client. 

Here are a few other things to bear in mind for spa furniture. Your seating has to match the aesthetic of the spa. This can be in terms of color, in terms of the type of furniture. 


The furniture for your spa is an investment. They will be used frequently, and sometimes even for lengthy stretches of time. Cheap equipment will always show its effects sooner or later, so it’s better to invest now rather than wait until it breaks down before a client.

Finding soft textiles or textures to help a comfortable seating can endear you to customers on a subconscious level. It’s details like these that really sell the experience.

Incorporate Living Elements

A spa with living elements like natural light, plants and aquatic life tends to be well received by clients. It brings a subconscious association with being eco-friendly and natural. This can be used to your advantage.

You can orient a section of the spa towards natural products. If you prefer, you can also make this a selling point for all your services.

Adding ornamental plants can do wonders for the spa decor. It reinvigorates the space with live foliage. 

You can also make a pivot towards including water features for a rustic and natural vibe. If you have a large aquarium with either exotic or working fish. You can add soft lighting, aquatic plants and colored decorations to make it enriching for the fishes. This can be a display in the waiting area. 

Another way to include live elements is through the use of water features. You can include an indoor water feature. Another way to make it natural is to utilize the fountain space as a natural habitat for the fish. 

It evokes a feeling of luxury and opulence which is what a spa experience is supposed to provide.

Finding Appropriate Lighting For The Spa

Choose a mellow glow over harsh clinical lights for your spa’s illumination. Create a relaxing vibe in your salon’s ambiance by lighting it in a coordinated fashion.


Opt for lighting that is dim enough for your customers to unwind but bright enough to read a magazine. Please ensure it’s not too dimly lit. Soft, dim lights and a welcoming experience are hallmarks of a spa. 

Choosing Salon Art

The artwork for a salon would benefit from a conservative hand. Leaning more towards abstract designs and neutral artworks would benefit you more. 

Art pieces that are provocative can make clients uncomfortable. Especially if your client decides to bring their children with them. 

Find pastoral, contemporary style spa wall art that suits your decor and is attractive to your client base. 


Another idea you can implement is to have a dedicated space for social media posts. If you create a space that has the perfect lighting or a distinct attraction or statement piece, your clients will be happy to post them on social media and tag you on the posts. 

This offers the chance for increased exposure and free marketing. 

Presentation and Decor Matters

In a spa environment, a client will expect the highest standards of cleanliness. This goes for the reception areas as well. If your reception space is cluttered with paperwork and stray forms. Your client will be left with the impression that the standards of the spa are substandard. 

It’s a hard judgement. However, it’s still true. It’s important to ensure the space is visually clean and clutter-free. Ensure the product displays, robes and other props offered are organized. 


Keep the area sanitized and clean between clients. If your client catches sight of a smear of product or stray hair from a previous client, they will feel turned off. 

The spa’s interior is its essence. It can reflect how a business is doing, how it treats clients. It delves deep into the business’s psyche. Customers will return to a location where they had a pleasant experience and recommend it to their friends. 

Customers are loyal to an excellent service and a great experience.