Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Enjoying a barbecue on summer nights with friends is always a pleasure, but if you are the host, you are going to have the worst part: cleaning it up.

Before disassembling the grill

First of all, before disassembling the grill and all the dirty parts that can be separated, we can give you a review to eliminate residues with an ecological stone.

Remove tough debris

But the most complicated residues or the most stuck food remains will not be removed with the stone, so it is necessary to disassemble the grill and scrub it well with a metal brush.

Deepen with a degreaser

It is time to apply a good degreaser with the brush and let it rest for ten minutes. You can choose a homemade cleaner by mixing baking soda and lemon juice or a specific one for grills. There are some as practical as this Weber that you can also use in the oven at home.

Put everything in hot water

To clean food remains that is still left and completely remove the degreaser, it is enough to put the entire grill in hot water for a few minutes (more or less about fifteen), then we make sure with more water that there is no product left and that’s it we would have our grill clean.

Remove the ashes from the base

It is good to remove the ashes before it cools down completely, as we mentioned at the beginning, but if there are still remains on the base -which is usually the case- we can remove them easily. 

We repeat the operation but this time with lukewarm water and remove the remains with a large metal brush, rubbing, and rinsing. We can apply a little dishwashing soap if we find it especially dirty and once we finish, rinse well. 

If we want to keep it longer

So that the grill does not rust if it is made of stainless steel, we can apply this cream conditioner. It is very simple because it is not necessary to remove the product, just apply it after cleaning the grill, it is not essential but it helps considerably to keep our kamado bbq uk looking like new for longer.

The barbecue

However none of this is possible without the fundamental piece, the fish fry, if you nevertheless don’t have one at home you can sign this one which we located on sale at Leroy Merlin. A Material Icarus Alpha charcoal barbeque with a grill characteristic for eight humans, two grills and that includes wheels to transport it without difficulty.