The gathering that posted a viral physically express video of a naked Rep. Madison Cawthorn in bed with another man is currently zeroing in on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado for its next takedown, Insider has learned.

“I believe we will pursue Lauren Boebert in Colorado along these lines,” David B. Wheeler, a prime supporter of the American Muckrakers PAC, told Insider Wednesday. “I believe we will participate in that race before long.”

The gathering on Thursday sent off, looking for tips on data, pictures, recordings, or reports on Boebert or her partners. The primary tweet by @FireBoebert read, “Greetings @RepBoebert – Ask @RepCawthorn about us. We look sending to getting to know you.”

Their logo: a Dumpster fire decorated with “FIRE BOEBERT.”

While Wheeler is a Democrat, his prime supporter is unaffiliated, and the gathering considers a few Republicans as a part of its consultants.

Wheeler told Insider on Wednesday he’d proactively gotten “intriguing data” about the Republican troublemaker, whose essential against GOP state Sen. Wear Coram is on June 28. The data is “positively not so licentious as a portion of the Cawthorn stuff,” he said. It bargains, all things being equal, with monetary issues, he added, declining to reveal more subtleties.

A representative for Boebert didn’t promptly answer a solicitation for input.

Last year, The Associated Press announced that the first-year administrator neglected to uncover her significant other’s pay during her mission, disregarding morals and mission finance regulations. She said her better half made almost $1 million more than 2019 and 2020 as an expert for an energy firm.

Previous President Donald Trump embraced Boebert in December as “a daring chief, a safeguard of the America First Agenda, and a warrior against the Loser RINOs and Radical Democrats,” soon after she was censured for making Islamophobic remarks about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Wheeler’s PAC, otherwise called, assumed a key part in uncovering harming data about Cawthorn, who lost his Republican essential in North Carolina to state Sen. Toss Edwards on Tuesday.

The gathering uncovered Cawthorn’s endeavor to take a weapon through the Asheville Regional Airport last year. It likewise recorded an objection blaming Cawthorn for disregarding US House morals rules, saying he gave free lodging and gifts to a staff part.

Cawthorn answered the naked video delivered by the PAC by saying: “I was being coarse with a companion, attempting to be entertaining. We were acting absurd, and kidding. That is all there is to it.”

In Colorado, where Boebert is running for re-appointment, unaffiliated electors can take part in either the Republican or Democratic essential. Wheeler said he wanted to zero in on designated messages through messaging and virtual entertainment to unaffiliated ladies.

“We helped fire Madison Cawthorn. Presently it’s Lauren Boebert’s move,” says.