Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

E-commerce and dropshipping can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right tools or search strategies.

Every day, new product search tools are released on the market. Among them all, Minea remains the best product search tool.

Let’s get to know Minea, its features and some tips for finding a winning product.

What is Minea ?

Minea, which is essentially a product search tool, monitors social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It is a professional tool that is powered by intelligent algorithms to analyze all ads on social networks.

It is by far the product search engine with the largest ad database.

It is therefore up to you to sort through these ads and find the items with high potential that you can sell online. Minea has filters that allow you to filter your searches to only those products that meet certain criteria.

The next chapter will teach you how to use Minea’s filters to find your next great product in just a few clicks.

Minea’s basic package costs €49 per month and gives you access to many features. If you want to make full use of the application, the premium option, which costs €99 per month, is the best choice.

Why choose Minea?

It saves time

Minea offers the first advantage: It saves you a lot of time when searching for a winning product.

It is true that the traditional methods for product research used in years past are very time-consuming. To find new ads, you had to manually scan social media news feeds.

Minea’s robots now take care of this step. All you have to do is connect to Minea’s advertisement library to access all social media ads.

Affordable price

Minea costs only €49, which is a significant savings over other product-finding tools. So you can save more than €50.

The all-in-one tool

Minea is a powerful tool that can help you analyze ads and give you relevant information. It also allows you to analyze competitors.

Minea also allows you to find influencers for influence marketing. There is no reason to risk losing money on unprofitable influencers. Each influencer will provide you with detailed information on their conversion rate, audience, country, and niche. Additionally, you will be able to see information about its recent product placements.

Minea lets you spy on the most important brands in your niche. So you can see all details about their new strategies to boost their popularity.

These are all factors that will help you make the best online sales decisions.

How to use Minea in order to find great products ?

The Minea app offers many options for product search. It is very user-friendly. You will see a list of 10 products, which have been chosen by Minea. This list is continually updated.

Minea’s algorithms use several criteria to pick the top 10 products of each day. This list is available for you to review.

If you don’t want to choose from the above list, you can access the advertising library directly and perform your own search. Click on the social network you want to access the advertising library.

You’ll have access to all advertising by default (product sales ads or training sales ads). There are filters that allow you to filter the results according to the criteria of your choosing.

Filters such as publication date, number and interaction (Like, Comment, Share …), platform type (Shopify …), country), visual type (Image, Video or Carousel …)), will help you quickly locate your winning product.

Remember, a winning product is one that solves a specific problem for the user and impresses him immediately. We are talking about the Wow effect. Also, the winner must be affordable so that users can purchase it without having to ask too many questions. Look for products that are less costly.

Minea can help you to influence marketing

While paid advertising on social networking remains the most important source of traffic for online businesses, influence marketing is another great way to quickly get your product out there.

Influencer marketing basically involves using the fame and influence of influential people to promote your products. This strategy is very profitable if the right influencer is found.

In reality, it doesn’t suffice to find an influencer with millions of subscribers. The sale does not depend on the number of subscribers. The most important factor is the influencer’s conversion rate. But influencers rarely communicate their conversion rate.

Minea gives you access to all information regarding influencers. Minea’s Influencer Search tool will help you identify the top influencers in your niche.

You may want to consider the influencer-marketing strategies of brands that have been successful in influencing the market. This gives you a good overview of the market for the long term.

You will have access to relevant information regarding the strategies used by these brands with this brand spy function. Minea is the most comprehensive product-search tool.


Minea is the best product search tool available today. This tool will quickly help you find the perfect product for your online store. To see your competition, you can use the app’s filters and store analytics to optimize your search results.

Minea allows you to find influencers who can implement your influence marketing.

These features make Minea superior to all other product search tools.