Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

When out hunting, seasoned shooters will know that calling is an effective way of drawing out your intended game. Spend time in nature and you’ll encounter a number of scenarios in which you’d find a Fin Feather Fur caller useful, as there are many critters around that you’ll need to draw closer in order to get a better shot. 

Most calls you hear outside are territorial, with deer making a kind of rattle, and elk emitting a kind of bugle noise and turkeys making that familiar gobble sound. However, you’ll also hear feeding sounds and distress sounds – all of which will guide you to what you’re looking for. 

What Kinds of Animal Can Be Called In This Way?

Waterfowl and deer are the primary types of animal that can be called using a Fin Feather Fur caller, which essentially do their work by making the same noise as the animal itself – as is the case with a duck caller, which can be used to mimic greeting, warning and mating calls. 

However, if you want your prey to be encouraged to move from its hiding place, you can also drive them out using callers that mimic the sounds of predators like coyotes.

Using Them Properly Takes a Little Practice

When you try out a caller for the first time, it pays to speak to someone who’s used one before, as there is most certainly a knack to it. For instance, a turkey caller can be used in 4 or 5 different ways, depending on the call you’re going for. 

So, before you can effectively use your caller, it will take a little practice. To begin, it will likely appear to others that you’re blowing through a kazoo, but after a while, creating the intended animal sound will become second nature. 

Spend a little time out in nature or listening to the different calls you’ll make and then try and recreate them. If you’re not getting it quite right, someone experienced will show you where you’re going wrong. 

Other Ways Game Gets Flushed Out

A great way to make sure you get the results you’re looking for when using your Fin Feather Fur game caller is to take a hunting dog with you or a buddy or two. They can then act as ‘drivers’, working methodically over the area to move the game out from where it’s harder to see.

If you have enough people in your party, someone can also act as posters, which essentially means a person who intercepts the game as it moves, driving into your ‘kill zone’. 

Keep Pausing For Even More Success

Another way to encourage your prey into the open is to stop and pause frequently. While this might feel a bit counter-intuitive, what it does is make whatever animal you’re tracking think that it’s been found and cause it to flee out of fear. 

Should you be lucky enough to have a pointer dog, that’s even more helpful in the upland game bird hunting sphere. However, they are highly trained beasts, so don’t assume that a house-trained dog’s instincts will kick in – as they almost certainly won’t!

Fin Feather Fur Callers – An Essential Hunting Accessory

Hunting is an important part of the process of keeping population numbers in check and callers are an integral part of any hunters tool kit. So, make sure you’re fully equipped the next time you go out hunting with a purpose-built caller in your tool kit.