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We all have loved ones whom we never want to say goodbye to and cannot imagine a life without them. However, such is life that you never know what will happen the next moment. Although we can neither stop life nor stop anyone when it is their time to say goodbye, the only thing we can do is to preserve their memories and ensure to keep them with us in one way or the other. Although it is believed that those who leave this world always look after their loved ones on this earth but a symbol of missing those departed souls can put our minds at ease and make us feel protected and secure in many ways.

Although many of us keep some of deceased loved ones with us in some form or the other, in reality, carrying this item with us wherever we go is not always feasible. Indeed we can keep the photo of the departed soul in our wallets or phones, but how often do we carry it around or see it? Would it not be nice to have a symbol of your loved one with you that feels like a special personal connection instead of a photograph that everybody has seen?

Fingerprint souvenirs make you feel closer to someone who has passed away

If you want to feel the touch and presence of your departed loved one with you always, then a fingerprint souvenir is the best gift that you can give yourself. This souvenir will have fingerprints of your deceased loved one and will be a way for you to stay in touch with them because it serves as a tangible memento and mark of their memory while they were still alive. There is a range of customized fingerprint products, including necklaces, keychains, and pendants, which will be useful, and you can carry them with you wherever you go.

It is best to choose a fingerprint keychain or necklace that is made of optically clear crystal. This indicates that it is free of contaminants that can impede your engraving. The most common fingerprint jewelry souvenir is a necklace, and both male and female variants are available. If you are not interested in a piece of jewelry, you can also get customized fingerprints engraved in the form of a beautiful keychain.

Fingerprints are a sign of human touch. It embraces your soul as you carry them along with you. Additionally, fingerprint-customized products are preserved as a memento of the cremation of your loved ones. Choose which finger you want the prints taken from, and ask the funeral home to take them.

Feel your closeness with your loved ones with customized crystal fingerprint articles. It’s magical how you can touch your loved ones even when they are not around you and feel their presence in your life. A fingerprint souvenir is much more personal than a photo souvenir, especially if it is used to remember someone who has passed away. However, you can also choose to get both of these souvenirs, which will be a perfect token of appreciation.

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