Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Located in the Texas panhandle, the FBISD (Fort Bend County Independent School District) has been providing education to the citizens of Fort Bend County since 1971. The district offers a variety of educational programs including Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, and Online high school courses. The district serves approximately 75,000 students.

First day of school

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or student, you know the first day of school is a time for excitement and anticipation. It’s an opportunity to be a part of the community, make friends, and learn new things. You’ll also want to make sure you take advantage of the free breakfast and lunch provided by the USDA.

While you’re at it, you might also consider signing up for some of the many free and reduced price programs available through the FBISD Skyward. It’s important to note that not all students qualify for these benefits. It may be best to do some homework and figure out if your child is eligible for a free or reduced price meal.

Using the federal government’s new household meal application, you can submit a single application for all of your children. You’ll also be required to complete a new household meal application every year.


Among the 81 campuses in the Fort Bend Independent School District, there are four distinct campuses that stand out. The aforementioned fine arts education program, for example, offers students an opportunity to explore a wide variety of performance opportunities.

Aside from the traditional academics and athletics, the FBISD Department of Fine Arts provides high-quality fine arts education. The Fine Arts Piano Technician Certification Program (PATCP) will train future music professionals for a career as a professional piano tuner. The program is set to open to students in fall of 2020.

The FBISD Skyward enrollment system is a part of the district’s plan to become paperless. This online resource allows parents to view their child’s grades and attendance records. The site also includes a family forum where parents can share their thoughts on school issues, as well as learn about new resources and opportunities.

Fine arts program

Whether you are interested in taking classes in Visual Arts or Musical Instruments, the Fort Bend Independent School District offers you the opportunity to learn and grow. The FBISD department of fine arts is dedicated to inspiring artists, cultivating discipline, and providing equitable opportunities for students to develop their artistic potential.

The FBISD Visual Arts program uses a hands-on approach to learning, and students are exposed to a variety of media and techniques. The Department of Fine Arts regularly displays student artwork in community venues. As a result, the Department has received numerous local and state awards, as well as a TAEA District of Distinction award in 2020.

The FBISD Fine Arts Department also creates several large-scale showcases throughout the year. These shows are held in conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and are judged by a team of professional artists. In addition, each spring, the Fine Arts Department hosts a Fine Art and Cultural Club Showcase. This event gives students the opportunity to perform in class, as well as in stage productions.

Online high school courses

Currently, Fort Bend ISD offers online high school courses through the O-LAB Program, the Reese CTE Center, and Progressive High School. Depending on the course, students may earn as much as two (2) high school credits.

The O-LAB Program includes traditional coursework as well as nontraditional coursework. In addition, the Reese CTE Center has at least one full-time online teacher, and the Progressive High School has several online learning labs. There are also various summer O-LAB programs to choose from.

If you are a current FBISD student, you can apply to take an online course through the Skyward Family Access portal. Once you have completed your application, you should receive an email with your personal password. Using this password, you can login to your desktop to complete your registration.

Career and technical education

Whether you want to learn about the health sciences or become an automotive technician, Fort Bend ISD has many CTE programs for you to choose from. These programs offer students an opportunity to explore a variety of careers and receive hands-on experience.

Throughout their time in high school, students are able to pursue technical and academic skills to prepare for future postsecondary education. Students can also participate in career and technical student organizations, which offer co-curricular learning experiences, community service, and networking events.

The FBISD Career and Technical Education department offers programs in areas such as health science, business, and law enforcement. In addition, the district offers classes in architecture, culinary arts, and information technology. During a tour of the department, visitors can see student-run businesses, learning activities, and student-centered spaces.