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Torrenting is an excellent way of accessing a wide range of online streams. The P2P networks allow for extensive and quality content—the act of downloading and uploading large files without a subscription fee, geographical and content restriction. It is highly embrace many online streamers globally. Torrenting provides the user the ability to download from the BitTorrent network. All users downloading from a Particular file are connected. Ideally, users upload files to help others download.

This process is fast and easy but opens up many risks. Torrenting exposes the user to other people sharing the same files. They can see your IP address and other details. This makes it easy for the government and ISP to watch your online activities. The fact that P2P network sharing gives a variety of online content means it’s prone to copyright content. This attracts the ISP to slow user’s internet or block streaming apps.  To curb the interference, online streamers should use quality VPN services. There are free and paid VPN that helps hide identity, IP address, bypass the geographical restriction and curb internet throttling. Free torrenting VPN is pretty rare though there are a few best free VPN for torrenting.

To undertake the torrenting on your Firestick, it’s wise to implement a VPN service to stay protected. Firestick is a streaming device that allows streams to access various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more. One can also stream from third-party apps and torrenting sites. Third-party apps are likely to tamper with the privacy policies of some contents. Thus inviting legal trouble for the user. It’s easy to find the best free VPN for Firestick to protect your device from malware and data leakage. To quickly identify the best VPN service for torrenting and using in Firestick. It would be best if you considered several factors, as indicated below.

  1. Compatibility with BitTorrent and P2P traffic

VPN is designed to handle various security issues, but not all can cope with torrenting. Many online users purchase VPN services without consulting about torrenting services. Ensure to get the correct VPN to avoid failure when streaming or sharing files with your peers. The majority of VPN providers don’t allow for torrents since it requires more features and legal requirements.

  1. Speed

Downloading and uploading torrent files is an intensive process that requires a quality VPN.  The VPN should work at high speeds. Maintaining high speeds always works with service providers with multiple servers or cluster servers based in a particular location. This will provide better connection and security. Note distance of the server determines the speed of the VPN. Select the VPN server which is closer or service with many working servers.

  1. The number of devices connected.

A good VPN should accommodate several devices simultaneously. A torrenting VPN should allow for different connections (mobile, computer, tablets, and more).  VPN, which works with one device, limits the user from working with multiple devices. This pushes one to purchase several VPN services to accommodate each gadget. Free VPN might not take much but should at least allow for 3 to 5 devices simultaneously.

  1. VPN policy statement

Before implement VPN for any online streaming, ensure to check the service policy statement. The majority of users tend to buy VPN dues at affordable prices or free services. They forget about the policies and practices.  You shouldn’t trust any service without your data without proper knowledge. Always check on the reviews about the VPN, ownership, cases of data breaching, and performance. Users going for free VPN service should always be conscious since most of the free VPN doesn’t fulfill the privacy policies.

  1. Customer services

A quality VPN service provider will ensure easy access to customer support. This allows user to state their problems and get quick feedback. Enquire about the customer support from other users or reviews before settling for the service.

The above factors will guide you in selecting a VPN provider. Users who opt for a free VPN for torrenting need to look for all the qualities and ensure they are working. If any doubt lingers in your mind, proceed to a premium version and stay protected.

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