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Did you know that approximately 30% of workplace accidents are the result of trips and falls? 

Maintaining a safe workplace that minimizes the chances of these types of accidents is crucial for the safety of everyone who enters the premises. 

If you work in or have visited a business that has not taken the proper precautions and you’ve experienced an accident, you deserve to be fairly compensated and need to work with a trip and fall attorney to ensure you get what you deserve. 

There are the common causes of trip and fall accidents and how you can avoid them. 

  1. Wet or Slippery Floors 

Whether caused by spills, cleaning, or weather conditions, slippery or wet floors are a common culprit when it comes to trips and falls. To avoid an accident, make sure you look out for warning signs or cones, wear non-slip shoes, and keep your eye on where you’re walking.

  1. Loose Floor Coverings, Rugs, or Mats 

If a floor covering is not properly adhered to the floor, it can bunch, curl, or slide, causing an obvious tripping hazard. When stepping on a rug or mat, make sure to keep an eye out for curled corners, bubbles, or any other evidence of improper adhesion. 

  1. Obstacles in the Walkway 

If you’re not expecting a piece of equipment, tool, or other object on the floor where you’re walking, you can easily trip over it and injure yourself. To avoid this type of incident, stick to walkways, paths, and other marked areas where walking is permitted or encouraged. Also, keep an eye on your surroundings rather than being distracted by your phone or another device. 

  1. Uneven or Broken Flooring 

Even familiar or marked pathways can present a tripping hazard if they’ve not been properly maintained. A loose brick, a broken slab of concrete, or uneven surface can easily throw off your balance. Again, the key to avoiding these types of falls to be aware of your surroundings and wear footwear that is comfortable and easy to walk in. 

  1. Improper or Absent Lighting 

It’s difficult to be aware of your surroundings when you can’t see them. If an area is poorly lit or not lit at all, it increases your chances of running into an obstruction or tripping on an uneven or wet floor. Stick to areas that are well-lit and if you do need to walk in a dark area, use the flashlight feature on your phone to illuminate a path. 

When Do You Need a Trip and Fall Attorney?

If you’ve been involved in a trip and fall accident that results in injury, you may be entitled to compensation. You will likely have a case if the area you were in was not properly maintained and your fall could have been prevented. If you’ve been injured and would like to know if you have a case, reach out to the experienced trip and fall attorneys at Kaiser Romanello Accident and Injury Attorneys for an initial consultation. 

By Richard Maxwell

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