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Composing and delivering a speech is a regular academic activity for school and college students. However, having the lesson is the most challenging. Even the good speakers sometimes fail.

Public speaking is a soft skill that students must learn at the school level. Conveying your thoughts in front of people is an art. It will help you throughout your professional career.

Besides, writing a speech is another burden on the students’ shoulders. And the entire process starts from selecting the topic to writing an engaging lecture.

The students fearing public speaking should select entertaining topics. The proper selection of topics means the half battle has already been won. 

Selecting an entertaining and funny topic will make you comfortable in front of the audience. We have developed 100+ Entertaining Topic Ideas For Engaging Speech.

But, before moving to Entertaining Speech Topics, let’s learn how to develop an entertaining speech topic.

How To Develop An Entertaining Speech Topic?

Students must select the speech topic wisely. The topic must be close to your heart and the one you feel confident about. Below are some tips for selecting an entertaining topic:

1. Know Your Audience: 

Consider your audience while selecting the speech topic. Delivering a funny speech in front of your class differs from when you provide it in front of the entire school. Similarly, you must speak in front of students, parents, and teachers from various disciplines during inter-school competitions. Knowing your audience and age group always helps you to select the best topic.  

2. Find Your Interests: 

Now you know your audience. It’s time to evaluate what interests you. What are things that make you more comfortable and confident? Knowing your interests will help you select the most entertaining topic. Moreover, you will compose the entire speech easily. 

3. Decide Your Objective: 

Yes, here we are talking about entertaining topic ideas. At the same time, you must have some purpose. You can entertain the audience during your entire speech. However, also offer logical reasoning and sense behind your topic. 

4. Conduct Some Research: 

You are confident with your chosen topic. But there is always a scope of research. Good speakers constantly research, study and research. Support your arguments with fun facts. You can even use anecdotes to support your speech. Good research will surely impress your audiences.  

How To Deliver an Entertaining Speech?

Now you have selected the topic. It’s the moment to spare some time on the ways to deliver the speech. An entertaining speech with perfect delivery will surely win your audience.

1. Write down your speech to organise and structure the content. This way, you will make a smooth presentation.

2. Establish why you selected the particular topic or goal behind your speech. The audience will feel connected if they know the purpose. 

3. You are delivering an entertaining and funny speech. That doesn’t mean you insult any person or culture. Always be sensitive.

4. Practice, practice, and just practice! It will make you confident. You can even watch your body language and expressions in front of the mirror.   

5. Use proper gestures, and work on the timings of your entertaining speech.

6. You can also take the assistance of professional speech writing platforms like Eduessay.

100+ Entertaining Speech Topic Ideas

Now you have learned the essential aspects of selecting entertaining speech topics. You know the ways to deliver your speech effectively. It’s time to go through some entertaining speech topic ideas.

However, some funny topics need you to convince the audience to take some stance. At the same time, most are entertaining and offer a lighter time to the audience.

Below we have proposed a fantastic range of entertaining topics—that cover all speech types, domains, and subjects.

Informative Speech Topics

You are free to deliver informative speeches to entertain. However, entertainingly present these topics.

1. Violence is a global issue that can’t be controlled with strong gun laws.

2. Governments worldwide should provide cyber security to their people.

3. Why English is a language of global business.

4. Work-life balances the modern generation dream.

5. The effects of teen pregnancy on family and community.

6. Is conservation the online way to preserve species?

7. Does the entire world govern by the one beauty concept?

8. Let’s explore the significant difference between modern and traditional art.

9. Why do people enjoy gardening?

10. The effect of modern technologies on the entertainment industry.

11. How will social media change in the coming years?

12. Why do we need to acknowledge the ecological-related issues?

13. The distinct characteristics of great leaders.

14. Use gratefulness to make life better.

15. Is meditation essential for the mind and the human body?

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

You can use these topics to entertain your audience. However, include humorous details and facts.

1. Pets use people for their purposes.

2. The dog is always better than having a girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. Why do evil people believe they are gods?

4. Wisdom or knowledge, what’s your take?

5. Would you like to encounter a ghost?

6. Which character will you choose in the world of Harry Potter?

7. Which character will you choose in the Marvel universe and why?

8. What’s your best deal, a glass half empty or half full?

9. Do wisdom and learning have any connection?

10. Why should parents oversee their child’s TV habits?

11. Who invented manners? Do they matter?

12. Future cities with advanced features.

13. How to reach peace worldwide?

14. What should global tourists know before going there for vacations?

15. What are the best features of good conversation?

16. Why should we learn to cook?

17. The colour affects the feelings of the people.

18. Which are better, team sports or individual sports?

19. If given a chance, how will you rule the country?

20. How to be a person with a higher IQ?

Persuasive Speech Topics

These speech topics for college students allow you to take a stand on a particular issue. You can speak against or in favour of the topics given here:

1. Higher education is a guarantee of a better future.

2. The American dream had a concept that’s not relevant today.

3. People who learn English know better grammar than Americans.

4. US higher education provides the best jobs in the world.

5. The study is a continuous process.

6. Banning single plastic will save our oceans?

7. People who learn foreign languages are more intelligent than those who don’t.

8. How to stop the abortion rate and debate in the US?

9. Social media has made people less social.

10. Traditional zoos are always immoral.

11. Reality TV Shows are always well-scripted shows.

12. Life offers the best things without a penny.

13. Do exams assess students’ knowledge of the subject?

14. Debating is not always good for greeting new people.

15. Do traditional teaching methods have any relevance today?

How To Speech Topics

 “How To” speech topics offer you the space to share your skills and ideas. Feel creative and share your experiences while delivering these topics.

How ToLearn dance without an instructor.
 Complete homework assignments without cheating.
 Move furniture without getting injured.
 Learn to play guitar on the internet.
 Make money without any investment.
 Learn a foreign language on YouTube.
 Pass the online exam with A+ grades.
 Save humanity from humans.
 Save ocean pollution.
 Save democracy.
 Deal with day-to-day pressure.
 Write an engaging speech and gather the audience’s attention.
 Earn fortune sleeping in bed.
 Become a move director.
 Break the unwanted friendships.
 Convince people to take part in an argument.
 Do your dream business.
 Resolve international conflicts and bring peace.
 Narrow the gap between rich and poor.
 Sell goods at whatever prices.

Impromptu Speech Ideas

These speech topic ideas don’t require additional preparation. , speak out your thoughts and beliefs.

1. Best surprise you’ve ever given?

2. If you have a million dollars to give away, where would you donate?

3. Can you teach an old dog a new trick? If yes, how?

4. You must know how to make pizza.

5. What’s your dream holiday?

6. Can I know your summer plans?

7. Explore ways to prepare for the online test effectively.

8. How to convince people to vote for you as president of the US?

9. Mad scientist, really invent anything?

10. What would you like to know if you could receive a letter from your future self?

11. How to change modern public transport in the country?

12. How can people achieve their dreams?

13. How are oceans helpful for human life?

14. Why should we (or shouldn’t) follow traditions?

15. How you will describe your best approach to teaching.

16. Create a myth explaining why people cannot bend a ring finger on their own.

17. Describe the best day of your life.

18. Would you like to be a famous rock star?

19. Get the best job in the world.

20. Which is the best book for people in the US to read?

21. Do you want to own a political party?

22. Does advertising affect choices?

23. Does society determine what is expected and what is not? How?

Motivating Entertaining Speech Ideas

You can use these motivational speech topic ideas to convince listeners that they can make an enormous change.

1. I will make immediate changes as the head of NASA.

2. I want to transform my college cafeteria.

3. The best place to travel.

4. Together, we can achieve anything.

5. Cigarettes Vs. Alcohol is always taken responsibly.

6. Achievements I want to brag to my grandparents.

7. Why am I surrounded by friends who are geniuses?

8. My bathroom habits help me to fight climate change.

9. How to make online classes more entertaining?

10. It’s time to bring kids to the sports field.

Last Few Words

We hope the entertaining topic ideas for engaging speech will surely help to impress your audience. However, you need to develop those topic ideas and conduct fruitful research. You can select any topic and deliver an engaging speech in school, college or university.

Try to modify the selected topic to provide it with your soul.

It’s time to deliver an engaging and entertaining speech to your audience. Please stay connected with us for many more exciting topics.

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