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Ivermectin tablets are the type of tablets that are used to treat infections that are caused due to worm infections. Ivermectin tablets are used to cure river blindness or any other kind of infection which is caused by the worms. The medicine works by infecting directly the worms and killing the worms or their offspring and also preventing their spread.

Ivecop tablets are available in 6mg and 12 my doses which is ivermectin, which is used to treat infections caused by parasitic worms.

Direction for use of Ivecop tablets

When buying Ivecop tablets from the market or when you buy ivermectin online, you should read the instructions behind the pack. Generally, Ivecop 12mg and 6mg tablets should be taken on an empty stomach that too at least an hour before taking your meal. You should swallow the tablet with room temperature water. The water should not be too hot or too cold.

Use of medicine during Scabies

Scabies is a type of infection that is also caused by parasitic worms and is transmitted because of direct skin contact. The scabies worm goes deep into your skin and as they go deep, you might experience even more itching. These infections are generally at night-time. Scabies can occur at any place like between the fingers, elbows, armpits, wrist, or anywhere.

It is really important to cure this infection because if left untreated, it can cause even more infections and further complications. You can buy ivermectin online or from the market to get rid of this contagious infection

Precautions while using Ivecop tablets

Before taking Ivecop tablets you must know about certain precautions which you must know about and take care of: –

  1. Taking Alcohol

Taking ivermectin 6mg dose then you must consult with your doctor before consuming any kind of alcoholic drink. Alcohol may react with the medicine and cause side effects.

  1. During pregnancy

Pregnant women or you are about to get pregnant then before taking this medicine, you must seek prior approval from your doctor.

  1. For breastfeeding

If you are a mother and you breastfeed your child then before taking this medicine, take advice from your doctor.

  1. For liver patients

For patients who are already suffering from liver issues, take this medicine only after prior approval from the doctors.

  1. During driving

Try not to take this medicine are you have to drive immediately. This medicine may cause drowsiness which may cause or affect your driving which might be very dangerous.

  1. Children

The medicine is not at all fit for children below five years of age.

Ivermectin tablets Usage

Ivecop tablets can be used for the following infections: –

  • Any kind of parasitic Infection caused on your skin.
  • Any kind of parasitic infection caused on your hair or head.
  • Any kind of inflammatory infection.
  • If you suffer from enlarged limbs.

Side effects of the medicine

While taking this medicine, you may also suffer from some minor side effects which are normal. Some of them are Cough, Cold, Dry Cough, Redness in the eyes of any kind of eye infection, sore throat, Vomiting, or many more.

In case you experience excessive issues or unbearable issues then you should consult your doctor immediately.