Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Full Stack Developer Everything You Need To Know When Hiring A Dedicated Full Stack Developer

There’s been a talk recently about Full Stack developers; some people believe that if you hire dedicated Full Stack developer, it translates to lower costs since you don’t have to hire new staff members.

However, other people are hesitant about entrusting a single app developer with all the software project aspects. So, how can you know whether or not to hire Full Stack developer from India?

This article will serve as a complete guide that details everything you need to know before hiring a Full Stack developer.

However, let’s begin by defining some of the most important terms:

Full Stack web developers must have implementation requirements of different web technologies. This basically consists of 3 main components:

  • Front-end

Users see this part to try and interact with it; it’s mainly associated with the UX/UI web application design.

  • Back-end

It’s under the below part of the hood that’s hidden from all users and its responsible for making sure that the entire operation runs smoothly.

  • Hosting

This part concerns hosting your server or website; the needed technological expertise for back-end and front-end is different. When you are searching for Full Stack developers for hire, make sure they must have the needed technological experience in programming for front-end and back-end operations and also be knowledgeable in web hosting.

What Are The Full Stuck Developers’ Tasks?

Website development mostly needs distinct teams to handle the back-end and front-end processes. Front-end app developers mostly deal with creating user interfaces while developers dealing with back-end applications create software engines that are used to power the interfaces.

Full Stack developers are multi-purpose experts who can create both back-end and front-end applications.

Basically, a Full Stack development agent must have basic knowledge of certain technologies like Apache, Angular, Nodejs, MongoDB, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and more. The web and app developers can do basic web design and take care of any server coding and database management options.

Apart from being experts in using coded language, Full Stack developers are knowledgeable in understanding the client’s requirements.

Responsibilities of Full Stack Developers:

  • Identifying testing techniques applied in web apps
  • Codes for back-end and front-end operations
  • Co-ordinating with other clients and developers

When You Should Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developer?

Hiring Full Stack developers from India can yield utmost benefits in any of these situations:

  • When Creating New Projects from Scratch

If you’re creating your website from scratch, it’s best to get hire dedicated Full Stack developer. The reason behind this is that Full Stack developers not only assist in back-end and front-end programming, but also help in team coordination.

  • If You have Cash Constraints

Upon hiring Full Stack developers, there won’t be any need of hiring different developers to cater for different technologies. Thus, this is a cost-friendly option as compared to hiring many specialists for a single project.

  • If You Need Technical Partners

Qualified Full Stack developers are fully knowledgeable in website applications development. Since they have vast knowledge in this particular field, the developers can supervise technological operations and assist in building your products efficiently.

  • If You Need an MVP

When you’re starting off, you only require a robust MVP (Minimum Viable Product). A Full Stack developer is proficient in the required skills to create an MVP quickly. The best thing is to hire a Full Stack developer if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Do MVP Decrease Development Costs in Startups?

Although a Full Stack developer possesses a wide array of skills, he/she may not be appropriate for specific projects. You should only get Full Stack developers for hire under these conditions:

  1. If your application has attained some scalability level; if the app has attained a given scale, it’s a good idea to allow different professionals to handle different tasks. You don’t have to overburden a single developer with the whole workload.

  2. If you need one-layer work; there may be instances when knowledge about one-layer work is enough. For instance, hire one back-end developer to develop an API service.

  3. If load and speed optimizations aren’t a priority; if your website has started to gain enough traffic, you may need load handling or speed optimization skills. If this is the case, you can hire a Full Stack developer who has the experience to perform these tasks for you. In most cases, these experts will be familiar with all setbacks of what they need to deal with; if this isn’t a priority, don’t hire a developer until the appropriate time.

Final Say

Hire a developer who is knowledgeable, and preferably with a background in computer science; he must be proficient with the various programming languages. You can get in touch with Webmyne for the best services.