If you find yourself in a situation requiring storage there are plenty of options available in your area . Choosing the right type of storage units in San Jose for the job is important. Large units capable of holding entire homes or apartments can be stored while moving from one location to another making the transition easier when there are deadlines. 

Consider climate controlled units to protect wood items, as well as soft goods from mold and mildew. 

Convenient Location

Fortunately there are convenient storage units San Jose to choose from when looking for extra storage for your belongings. Try to find units close by that have good reviews you can access easily from your location. With storage for both home and business needs there are ample units available. 


Security is important when you are housing your belongings in public storage spaces. Look for a storage solution that offers state of the art security systems with secure gate access and brightly lit areas. If your unit is accessed from an interior hallway be sure that the common areas are monitored by cameras as well. Never give out your password or gate code to anyone not listed on the unit. 


Ask about the hours of operation for the main office in case you need in person assistance. Having a storage facility that remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is optimal for retrieving your belongings when you really need them. Ease of access online is very important to many people. The ability to rent storage online or pay for your current unit is a convenient time saving feature. 

Pest Control

Pests are not only bothersome, but can do significant damage to your belongings. Along with spreading communicable disease rats and mice can do serious damage by chewing and defecating in and around your possessions. Rodents are not your only worry; bedbugs and roaches can infest areas that are not protected. Knowing that your unit is treated for pests will give you peace of mind. 

Size Matters

When you need storage for bigger items like vehicles or boats, both inside and outside storage is available in the form of covered parking areas or garage space.  Search online for “storage units in San Jose”. Climate controlled units are available for vehicles just like your household goods.  Your 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air body will be safe from rust and seats protected from mildew in its climate controlled garage unit. Make sure that your unit is big enough to move around the vehicle and access the doors when parked. 

Move In Day

Whether you are moving your residence, or need storage space for all of your extra, and out-of- -season belongings, there are storage units nearby. Do ask the sales office about the availability of packing and moving supplies for sale. Don’t forget to protect your items with a secure lock also often sold at the office. With many sizes and types of storage you are sure to find something to fit your needs.