Payroll software companies have solved most of the difficulties that HR personnel might face during the salary paying days. The end of a month brings a lot of hustle and bustle in the accounts office of every business or company. All the staff members of the accounts office are busy calculating the salaries of the employees. It’s a lot of great effort to do all these calculations. But, by using online payroll software, you can solve these problems.

There are numerous payroll software programs available online. However, Netchex is one of the best payroll software 2021. It can help a great deal in payroll management and various other tasks related to business management. But first, you should have complete knowledge about it.

Netchex was developed in 2003, so it has completed almost 18 years of serving you. You can estimate its popularity by the fact that over 4500 businesses have rated it.

Here’s all you need to know about Netchex:

Hiring Employee

Netchex can help you in hiring new employees for your company. It is equipped with a simple strategy of monitoring all the applicants. You can easily discover the ideal candidates and can send them to offer letters. You could also check the validity of your documents through it. It helps you to verify all their documents.

You can also monitor the activity of your employees in the company. In this way, you could find the one who does not fit into the working criteria of your company and can fire him off the job.

Activity Tracking and Time Tracking

An activity tracking software could help someone who is the owner of the business or a manager in a company. Netchex has activity tracker software in it. It helps to check out the working of employees. In this way, you can keep an eye on your employee. The time tracking option helps to calculate the total working hours of the employees.

Biometric Identification

A biometric verification system is present in Netchex. Each employee has to verify himself biometrically for the enrollment of this online payroll software. In this way, every employee could have access to his previous salary records and work records. No one else could access his record without his will. So it will raise the trust of your employees over the company.

Salary Calculation

The basic purpose of every small business payroll software is to calculate the salaries of the employee. As Netchex has an activity and time tracking option, it could easily calculate the salaries of the employee. It has an automatic tax filing option. This makes it easier for both the employees and management.

Some Special Features

There are some special features in Netchex. First, its subscription amount is very affordable as it starts from 12 dollars per month. It gives us the best in this price in comparison to its opponents. Second, it has a self-management gateway for his clients. It reduces the management duties of the manager, as by using this portal the employee can keep track of their profiles. They can have a look at their data.

Third, the most interesting function of Netchex is that it provides a client service staff. A customer-based profiling substructure. By using this, you can understand the requirements of your customers. It results in especially custom-tailored services that are according to the requirements of every client.

Fourthly, this software is mobile supportive. The only thing you have to do is to install it on your smartphone. So it has equal benefits for both employee and the owner. Employees can access their profiles from any corner of the world and whenever they want.

Some Drawbacks of Netchex

As we know, nothing in this world could be perfect. Everything has some drawbacks. The same is the case with Netchex. It does not have an automatic data backup system. You have to do so manually. No leave tracking option is present but it’s not a big issue as it has an attendance option. It does not have a file management option and SSL security.

Some drawbacks are part of anything, but overall this is certainly one of the best payroll software solutions available.