Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

When you are preparing to put your website online, there are a few things you need to make sure you have in place. One of them is a dedicated computer where you will prepare the content. You can get one with the Lenovo coupon code. Next, you must get a graphic designer to help you with the branding. After that, you contact a web hosting provider. Next, you need to put a plan in place for how you will be maintaining the website.

The most important decision of all of these is getting the web hosting provider. The web hosting provider will host your website files on their servers. Contact a good provider that will cater to your needs. 

That said, there are a few features that you will need to have. These will ensure the effortless running of your website and good accessibility. Here are the essential features your web host should be providing you with:


Storage or disk space is an essential service your web host provider should have for you. For a website to work, it must handle many files that make up the visuals. These decide what happens when you click something on the page. 

These files stay on the web servers; physical data centers back them up. They consume a certain amount of disk space. You will need a hosting plan that caters to the disk space necessary for your website.


Bandwidth refers to the size of data that your provider lets you and your visitors download and upload within a given month. It is a critical web hosting feature. Quick web loading depends on the amount of bandwidth your website has. High bandwidths come with servers that do not share their resources with many other websites. 

A dedicated hosting service provides a web hosting plan where your website has its own server. It gives you server resources to work with and more control. This plan is usually expensive. There are other plans like shared hosting and virtual private servers, which are cheaper. These have limited bandwidth provisions.


Your web host should have enough security. More cyberattacks are happening on small businesses now than in the past. The right web host should have invested in good security. If the website you want will collect personal data, your web host should offer:

  1. SSL Certificates – They encrypt data sent from your website to the user.
  2. Automated Malware Scans – They help identify and eliminate malware. They also enhance security and warn of suspicious files.
  3. Firewall Management – A set of rules created to protect your website by web firewall application.


Many features come with a web host. It will largely depend on the package you use and the features you want. The more features on your account, the more expensive it will be for you. Getting a good web host will determine the speed of your website and the security of your data


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