Numerous clients across the United States, Argentina,the United Kingdom, Spain,and Canada are experience a consistent Error Google Auth No Token among Us. It is a difficulty that surfaces each time the client attempts to play the game’s Airship Map.

As we as a whole know, the Airship include was presented in the famous Among Us game on 31 March 2021. Notwithstanding, very few can evaluate the new component that has sent fans in a furor.

Perusing this article till the end will introduce you a total sneak look into what is the issue here and how might you fix it.

What is Error Google Auth No Token among Us?

Among Us is a well known game that proceeded to ascend in ubiquity during 2020 and won the Gaming Awards of 2020. Considering the tremendous prominence that the game got, the producers presented another Airship highlight that has been the most anticipated one by fans around the world.

The clients got the most recent element update on 31 March 2021, which made a great deal of promotion among players. Notwithstanding, there has been an apparatus in this as well.

Clients gripe about experiencing a blunder issue while attempting to pursue the game utilizing Google Play. The Error Google Auth No Token among Us streaks on the screen, accordingly limiting the players from signing into the game.

What is the reason for the mistake?

The mistake is caused each time the client attempts to sign in utilizing Google Play. The screen at that point quickly streaks the blunder expressing something turned out badly in making your record. It is brought about by a bug yet to be fixed by Among Us makers, which will be fixed soon.

How to amend the mistake?

According to the numerous Among Us fans who have been crowding the online media locales and gatherings with inquiries, the furthest down the line choice to fix Error Google Auth No Token among Us is playing it through the Free Play choice. Afterward, clients can choose the Airship include until the update is gotten on all client accounts.

Client Reception

Clients who were profoundly anticipating the update are quickly searching for substitute choices. Many began new email accounts yet without much of any result, while a couple of as of now examined the entirely different Airship Map utilizing the Freeplay alternative. So, it is no obscurity that fans are energetically hanging tight for the new update, after which they can play from their genuine record.

End – Use the Freeplay Option till the Bug sorts out

The substitute choice for Error Google Auth No Token among Us is to play the game utilizing the Freeplay choice. Be that as it may, there has been no other substitute alternative like making another email or changing the settings. The lone choice is to stand by quietly until the new update is accessible for all clients and the makers fix the bug.