Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Having issues with the Battlefield 1 workers at this moment? (29th/30th Of October) kindly look at this article as it’s more forward-thinking and if it’s not too much trouble, report your issues in the remarks area moreover.

Numerous clients are announcing that they can’t interface with the Battlefield 1 workers on PS4 and Xbox One. This is deplorable for EA as today is the dispatch of Battlefield 1, and a considerable lot of their players can’t get to the game.

Many are contemplating whether this is on the grounds that the workers can’t deal with the number of individuals are on the web or whether the workers have been DDOS assaulted like the beta.

We’ll keep you refreshed, yet for the time being kindly informed us as to whether you’re having workers issues and what mistake messages you are finding in the remarks beneath.

Update #1: All stages are affected by this DDOS assault. Nobody can right now associate with the EA workers on Battlefield 1. There’s no time been given when the workers will be back on the web, it could even be longer than a day.

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