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Epic Games Flash Cup: Earlier, it was booked that the Flash Cup will begin from February 13, since the Epic Game has all the rights to adjust its perspective, so the competition showed up a little almost immediately February 10.

Numerous Fortnite clients in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and the United States, need to know its subtleties. On the off chance that you are additionally one among them, at that point this review is only for you.

What is the Flash Cup Tournament?

It is a Duos occasion where players can combine up with different players to partake in the competition in the limit of 10 matches in the given three-hour schedule opening.

Epic Games Flash Cuptournament is to win the Flash skin alongside the Speed Black Bling Force, for which the player ought to have a record level of 30. Need to realize its beginning time, scoring framework, prize allocation, and different subtleties? The coming area is only for you.

When did the Flash Cup Event Start?

The Flash Cup competition began on tenth February timing of which is referenced underneath:

UK – 5 pm GMT

Na West – 6 pm PT

EU – 6 pm CET

NA East – 6 am ET

Scoring Pattern

The champs of the Epic Games Flash Cup will win focuses, where the focuses are given efficiently planned by Epic Games; here is the rundown:

Triumph Royale – 42 focuses

second spot – 36 focuses

third spot – 32 focuses

fourth spot – 30 Points

fifth spot – 29 Points

sixth spot – 28 Points

seventh spot – 27 Point

eighth – 26 Point

ninth – 25 Points

tenth – 24 Points

eleventh – 23 Points

twelfth – 22 Points

thirteenth – 21 Points

fourteenth – 20 Points

fifteenth – 19 Points

sixteenth – 18 Points

seventeenth – 17 Points

eighteenth – 16 Points

nineteenth – 15 Points

twentieth – 14 Points

21st-13 Points

22nd – 12 Points

23rd – 11 Points

24th to 10 Points

25th to 29th – 9 Points

30th to 34th – 6 Points

35th to 39th – 3 Point

40th to 44th – 2 Points

45th to 50th – 1 Point

Streak Prize for Epic Games Flash Cup

North America East: first – 1,750th

North America West: first – 500th

Europe: first – 3500th

Top Tip

Try not to’ stress on the off chance that you neglected to score high to get the makeup; on February 13, the Flash set, including Skin, speed power back bling, the light meal acts out, and the speed power slasher pickaxe, are accessible in the store; you can catch them.

Primary concern

Allow us to finish up the review with a couple of more data prior to closing off the window ornament. Fortnite reported a Flash Cup competition on February 9, 2021; players likewise get an opportunity to win Flash Skin and Speed Back Bling Force. Furthermore, numerous different beautifiers is additionally accessible in the store available to be purchased from February 13. We trust the subtleties of the Flash Cup game is useful to you.

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