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According to INTERPOL, more than 185 stolen and lost passports are discovered every day, and more than 289,000 cases of stolen and lost travel documents are registered on INTERPOL’s database worldwide. 

International travel has never been more popular or accessible. The difficulty is to keep unwanted visitors out — such as terrorists, those without visas, and anyone entering the nation illegally – while keeping things streamlined and secure for tourists, business people, and legal immigrants. Increased air/land passenger traffic in a linked and globalized world has put pressure on border control to maintain maximum security and efficiency.

Governments and citizens must have confidence in the protection of their borders. M2SYS aspires to achieve this more than ever. The M2SYS Border Management System helps with immigration at entry points such as airports, seaports, and land borders. It captures and verifies biometric data while authenticating data in travel documents, allowing users to identify people when they arrive or depart accurately.

What is M2SYS Border Management? 

A modern border & immigration identification solution to ensure fast, safe, and smooth border crossing across airports, seaports, and land ports to accurately retrieve traveler information.

The M2SYS Border Management System automates the frequently redundant passport reviews required by many airport and border security checkpoints. This technology for identification to swiftly and reliably validate a traveler’s identity. They can easily add visa-related data to the system. The automation of identification checks for border security aims to deter criminals from crossing borders and committing crimes while also facilitating a quick, safe, and easy crossing for ordinary visitors, fostering trade and tourism growth.

Key Benefits of M2SYS Border Management System

  • Automated travel document identification and verification against a centrally managed document database
  • Getting biometric data and making sure it’s accurate 
  • Checking a traveler’s biometrics (1:1) and identifying them (1:N)
  • N-VIS integration allows for visa status checks and document verification, as well as biometric identity validation (1:1)
  • Entry-Exit System with Advanced Transit Alarm Logic for Visa Overstayers 

How does the Border Management System Workes

The Border Management System can be deployed at any airport, seaport, or land port to quickly and accurately retrieve traveller information. After coming to the border with a visa and passport, the officer reviews the passport and visa of the applicant. The border authority verifies the visitor’s biometric information and runs a 1:1 biometric search with the Border Management System. If a biometric match is found, they create an entry/ exit record mentioning the date of travel, the purpose of visit, duration of stay, and amount of money they will be carrying. If a biometric match is not found, the person is registered into the system, and an entry/exit record is created with the earlier details. With the help of the Border Management System, the border authorities can decide within minutes whether to accept or reject the entry/exit of the visitor traveling to or from any country.

About M2SYS

M2SYS is a globally recognized digital transformation and citizen identification technology firm. Our software has been used for thousands of projects across various industries, including the government and commercial sectors. Our eGov platform innovation enables our partners and us to rapidly deliver customized web and mobile apps at a very affordable price point. Contact us toady to learn more and win more government contracts. 

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