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Pipe nation is a Canadian Drama TV series directed by Rahul Bhatt in Sundre, Alberta, Canada. This series consists of ten episodes and was released on July 1 2021. The shooting of this series wrapped up in March 2021.

Cast and characters of Pipe nation:

  • Georgina Lightning as Wendy
  • Nels Lennarson as Grady
  • Alexis McKenna as Ava
  • Nimet Kanji as Rita
  • Anna Primiani as Responder
  • Mike Vickers as Ryan

Pipe nation series is all about the labor who works in the oil and gas industry and the hardships they face in their lives. EJS original founder Mike Vickers stars in the Pipe nation TV series and got famous among people because of his tremendous acting skills.

What is “EJS”:

EJS provide job opportunities both in Canada and US. It creates better opportunities for employees in oil and gas energy so they can also live a considerable lifestyle. EJS requires you to enter your detail and qualification. After analyzing all the information collected by you it provides you with various jobs options that suit your requirements.

According to the latest reports by Cape Breton Saltwire, after coming to the west Mike Vickers got significantly better job opportunities, more than he expected when he left Cape Breton. While giving an online interview to an anchor originally working in Fort McMurray Mike Vickers said “I miss my house and I miss Cape Breton but it was one of the wisest decisions of mine to come in the west. As there are best career and job opportunities available here”

About the TV series

The story starts in the fictional town of Hardwell which lies on the border of two provinces. Both of these provinces are opposite and against each other because of differences in energy values. And usually, both of these provinces end up fighting and protesting. All this situation badly affects the town of Hardwell and mainly the people living and working here.


Wendy who is the main character of this TV drama series Pipe nation is a single mother who badly needs money to pay his debts and feed her family. It is never easy to be a single mother but Wendy was a strong woman she stood for herself and was ready to work hard so she can live a better life with her kid. She took a job as a pipe laborer at a remote camp near the Hardwell. One day subsequently Wendy came to know about the people of the provinces were against the oil industry when she accidentally runs into one of the protests and antipathy from these people. Now it was a great challenge for her to protect this industry but she wanted to do this at any cost. As this oil industry was her only source of income.

Wendy made a good bond with other workers. All of them faced difficult situations and tackled all the problems in a great way.

But were they able to save their oil and gas industry or not? And if yes then how? For all such questions, you must watch all the episodes of this series comprising 50 minutes each. This is a thrilling series and the director wants to tell us whatever is the situation never give up. Plus, somehow these movies tell us how to communicate with people and help each other in difficult times.

Wrap up:

In short, Pipe Nation is a series that reflects the importance of a strong and unique relationship among the workers. And the way they fought for their mutual rights.