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That article is here for you to support and remind you that it is never late to arrange a dream holiday. At the time being, there are many advanced services, and you can rent a vehicle when you need it. It will take you just a few clicks on the website or car rental app. We will ensure that you can do everything perfectly in less time.

Why is it better to book in advance?

Some things are customary to do in advance. The reason remains in the price and options in the selection. However, the network of car rental services is pervasive. So in every state and city, you can find cool cars. 

What parameters make it difficult to rent a car

Forgotten set of required documents.

You can take all your valid documents on any trip as a solution. Also, the good news is that Apple designed a way to add driver’s license and state ID in the Wallet. For now, the feature works in Arizona. Next, users will approve their identity with special verification. The option will go to other states, too, like Colorado, Mississippi, and others. So, the technological solution will simplify the task soon. But while this is just beginning to emerge and develop, take the original documents.

Also, do not forget to take documents for an additional driver.

Cars availability

The selection of cars is narrowed because you may not be subject to the rules of a particular company, like the young drivers’ policy. 

What can influence the selection?

There are restrictions related to the age of the driver. It is accepted that one can go to Alamo rent a car from 21 in the USA. In some states, it is allowed for 20-years-olds, like in California. And of course, it all depends on the supplier. Some will follow the young driver policy and offer limited options such as station wagons or economy cars. Someone will offer a minivan or SUV. So from the whole range of vehicles, there will be a number available for you. Pay attention to your age and where you are going. Numerous car providers like Alamo car rental suggest special car classes for under 25 yo drivers.

What documents do you need to take with you when traveling?

Well, the driver-to-be has to take the following documents:

  • Personal ID;
  • Driving license or IDL;
  • Credit card;
  • E-voucher, which you received in your email after pre-ordering a vehicle.

If you are a non-state citizen, you may need an international driver’s license. Unfortunately, if you do not have these documents in your hands, you will be denied service.

When to pay?

You can make a deal online without a surcharge and pay for everything at the counter in the Alamo USA office when you arrive to pick up the car. You will ask questions to the agent and calculate the additional payments, if there are any.

What discounts can I take?

Search on the website of the vehicle provider. There may be special price offers and codes devoted to any special occasion. Then, if, for example, you are a military or government employee who needs a car for a business trip, you must have documents confirming this in your hands. With them, you can get a discount.

Rent a car at the last moment

There is a step-by-step guide to do that:

  • Download the app or go to the mobile version of the site
  • Choose a date, location, and driver’s age.
  • Read the parameters in the Important info tab
  • Choose the car.
  • Add extra features like a child seat or GPS.
  • You will see the price in the bar on the right.
  • Enter your details
  • Approve the created order.
  • Take the documents and print the e-voucher
  • Come and pay at the office.

The procedure takes an average of 30 minutes, and you can drive around the city and explore the area.

Kind reminder: You can cancel your order free of charge up to 48 hours before the date you plan to pick up the car. So if you decide to order and receive a vehicle faster, this option may no longer be available. Be careful.

Remember that locations in the airport or the city center will be more expensive. It is more profitable to choose somewhere on the outskirts – it will be cheaper there—the same way. You can choose any location for the delivery of the car.

Also, be sure to check if you will cross a state or country border. In some services, they ask you to inform, because it can cost extra money.

Another piece of advice: choose cars with unlimited miles regardless of the planned distances. You’d better pay the fixed price once and ride without limits. If you are still sure that the offered number of miles will be enough for you and you are ready to pay extra for a few miles, this is also an affordable option. But then fix the number on the odometer to calculate the price for each additional mile and not have unpleasant surprises.

Use our tips, and the last-minute car rental will be easy for you. Good luck on the roads!

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