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Eat This Much .com is one such site that fills in as a guide for the clients in the United States by controlling them on various parts of diet and keeping a nourishment graph.

Who wouldn’t prefer to keep a tab on the amount you eat and the calorie admission, subsequently controlling your general sustenance? The site professes to be the best partner for clients in assisting them with eating and in amazing amount, from tallying calories to choosing week after week suppers.

Thus, we bring clients a point by point knowledge into the site and check its authenticity to save clients from getting tricked.

A Few Words about Eat This Much .com

Eat This Much is a site begun by a little organization in the United States that professes to give clients the instrument and backing for controlling their sustenance.

It puts your eating routine on autopilot by making a customized dinner plan dependent on the client’s food, timetable, and spending inclination. Moreover, clients are likewise offered extra help that makes it simple to arrive at the objective as a calorie number cruncher, arranging week by week dinners dependent on the basic food item show you have available to you.

Along these lines, you can get your supper plan set in couple of moments by simply filling in the site’s information. Aside from getting to Eat This Much .com, clients can likewise download the versatile application on their Android and Apple frameworks through Playstore and Appstore, separately.

What are its Features?

The Eat This Much application comprises of changed highlights that make it simple for clients to execute their eating regimen. It incorporates:

Redo your shifted eating styles, including vegetarian and paleo, coordinating with client needs and inclinations

Add to your virtual wash room, and the application’s calculations will go through it as a need

Own your timetable of what time to eat

Try not to miss your dinners because of missing fixings

Survey your week after week dinners and update your basic food item list naturally

Is Eat This Much .com Legit or a Scam?

The site has a normal trust score of 59%. Besides, the space of the site was made nine years before on 23/03/2012 and refreshed as of late.

Further checking for its genuineness, the site has a 4-star rating on Playstore and 4.7 on the Appstore. Additionally, on checking the site, we found that it has a presence on various web-based media stages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and an email address for settling questions.

What is Customer Response?

Client reaction on the Playstore and Appstore goes from positive to negative and blended audits. Along these lines, in view of the above measure, we can finish up the site to be genuine and not a trick.


Eat This Much .com empowers clients to keep a tab on their calorie admission by setting up their dinner plan practically utilizing the application’s calculation. Albeit the webpage is genuine with a normal trust score and presence on playstore and Appstore, we suggest clients research from their end too before you start utilizing the site.

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