Sun. Apr 14th, 2024
home exteriormodern landscaped new construction home with blue sky and puffy white clouds. Covered front porch with three car garage

Ever wanted to renovate the exterior of your home or make changes but were worried about
how much it’ll cost? Most people give up at this juncture and end up settling for what they
already have instead of trying to achieve their vision. The good news is that it is possible to
decorate the exterior of your house without spending too much money. Those who are on a
budget will love these ideas and seeing as there are many of them, you can choose which you
can implement to give the exterior of your home a different look and feel.
Clean the yard
It may be easier said than done especially when your yard is messy but this may be the
simplest thing you can do, not to mention, it is completely free. In most cases, this can make a
huge difference, and you may even notice features that have been buried under the clutter. If
you happen to have a lawn and hedges, then you may have some work to do involving
mowing and trimming. You will, however, have the opportunity to create something exciting
out of the hedges and have a visual piece that passerby and yourself can appreciate. You can
remove any weeds you find in the lawn manually or use chemicals to kill them.
Add a deck
A deck is a great way to give your exterior a new look and best of all, it doesn’t cost too
much, certainly not as much as most other upgrades. You should however note that the cost of
building a deck will depend on the market value of the lumbar, so it varies. Not everyone will
love the idea of adding a deck to their home, so it’s more of a personal choice than a
necessity. A deck isn’t something you can install by yourself however as it is a very technical
task. You will therefore be needing a deck builder for this task as it isn’t one to be taken
lightly. A deck builder will have a wealth of experience and will install a deck in your home
professionally. It is worth noting that a bad job can cause the house to lose value instead of
gain value. Hence you will want it done in the best way possible and the services of a deck builder become invaluable in that regard.
Add some lights
This addition will come in handy at night as that is when the lights will be effective and light
up your yard. Without adequate lighting, any other additions to your yard will be a waste as
they won’t be properly showcased, especially at night when they will look more impressive.
The best part about adding lights is that you can get creative with your choices. You can
select lights that will blend in with your yard or that compliments the design of your home.
You also have the option of creating some sort of arrangement with the lights and having it
look like an impressive design even in the daytime when the lights are off. The only thing you
will have to worry about is the best way to lower your energy consumption, so you don’t
worry too much about the power bill. One thing you can do to help, however, is to ensure the
lights are turned off during the day to reduce your power consumption.
Update your front door
Your front door is the first thing people notice when they come across your home and it is
always nice when it is presentable. You can change the front door if the one you currently
have installed is old or has any sort of damage. If the front door is fine, however, then you

may simply want to repaint it and give it a new look. Painting won’t cost as much as getting a
new door, so it is a perfect choice if you are looking to stay under your budget. You can
choose a color that will compliment all your other upgrades to create a complete sense of a
remodel, even if you don’t have to worry about spending too much money.
By employing any one of these changes to your yard, you get an updated look to your yard,
and you don’t have to loosen the purse strings. You can even employ them all seeing as they
are all low-cost upgrades and have your house feeling and looking brand new.