Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Smoking of substances began many centuries ago. Many used it as a way of healing or to perform certain community rituals. The smoking culture gradually spread across the world. Currently, technology has advanced for smokers and has seen the rise of different smoking techniques. However, nothing beats the feeling you get when smoking from a glass pipe.

Most people enjoy smoking from a dry pipe to preserve the taste of the substance. Pipe smoking helps deliver excellent flavor and aroma of the weed while protecting its terpenes. Many smokers appreciate this technique. Thus manufacturers come up with various ways to keep their clients happy. They do so by making it possible for smokers to enjoy smoking their weed and deliver an excellent experience.

This article focuses on dry pipes for smoking weed. It touches on the definition, types, and benefits of using dry pipes. Read on to its entirety to find out more.

What are dry pipes for smoking weed?

Many people who smoke today began smoking using a dry smoking method. They have maintained this method of smoking because of the experience it brings. Using a dry pipe is the simplest way of smoking weed.

Dry pipes are small, handheld pipes used specifically to smoke herbs and other substances. Given their miniature size, they exhibit an extremely portable design to use on the go. A pipe used to smoke cannabis is often called a weed pipe.

A dry pipe can come in various shapes and forms. Nevertheless, it features a tubular design with a bowl and hole on both ends. The bowl holds your weed, whereas the hole is for inhaling smoke.

Most countries restrict smoking weed. For this reason, dry pipes provide a discrete way of smoking so as not to be a nuisance to others. If you are traveling or staying at a friend’s, you can bring along your weed pipe. Many smokers report getting the best hits while using dry glass pipes on the go. Unlike the larger counterparts, weed pipes provide perfectly sized hits that don’t overwhelm your lungs.

Types of dry pipes available

As mentioned, the market is packed with different hand pipes to ensure there is something for everyone. Both beginners and experts enjoy using these devices because of their simplicity and user-friendly interface. Below are the most common types of dry pipes used for smoking weed.


People who like a simple weed pipe design, particularly beginners, will enjoy a one-hitter dry hand pipe. It is just as the name suggests- small enough to deliver a hit at a time. Various materials go into the making of this miniature pipe to offer discreteness and perfect portability. Some brands feature a dugout for storage and convenience.


Just like one-hitters, a chillum presents a minimalist design. It is a weed pipe featuring a straight tube where one end holds the weed and the other is for inhaling. Glass and titanium are common materials used in making chillums.


Spoons also feature a simple design, making them ideal for beginners. They resemble an actual pipe and come with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other end. Other varieties come with carburetors to clear staleness and produce smoother hits.


A steamroller looks just like the chillum but functions differently in terms of hit delivery. It comes with an indented bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the opposite side. After loading your weed on the bowl, you light it and cover it with your hand. The smoke will fill up the pipe for you to smoke at once. That is how steamrollers deliver massive hits compared to their counterparts.


This type gets its name from the book fictional character Sherlock Holmes. It features a mouthpiece that bends away from the bowl and sometimes includes a carburetor. Glass, metal, or wood are common materials used to construct the Sherlock weed pipe.

The Benefits of Dry Pipes for Smoking Weed



Virtually all dry smoking pipes come in a compact and minimalist design. These characteristics make them easy to carry and use on the go. You can throw them in your pocket and forget they are there – that is how portable they are.

Easy to use

Smoking weed shouldn’t be a complicating task. That’s why dry pipes ensure to provide options that make it easy to smoke. Other smoking alternatives feature many detachable parts that present a long learning curve.

Easy to maintain

The simple design makes them easier to clean. You only require water and simple steps for cleaning your weed pipe.


Most dry pipes for smoking weed feature materials like metal and wood. Breaking them is close to impossible unless you mishandle them. Dry pipes made of glass use other materials to fortify them and ensure longevity.

A weed pipe is not as expensive as you may think. You can acquire them at almost all gas stations whenever you forget yours at home. And since they are durable, you get to save a lot in the long run.

Disadvantages of dry pipes

Hot and harsh smoke

Many people report that dry pipes produce hot smoke that can irritate the throat. This drawback prevents smokers from using a weed pipe all the time. It gets worse if they lack a filter because you end up pulling hot ash to your throat.

Having a weed pipe is ideal for discrete smoking. It comes with plenty of benefits that offer great convenience to the users, beginners, and experts alike. What’s more, they come at an affordable price which enables you to replace them at will. You will probably last longer with a dry pipe than you would other delicate counterparts (such as bongs). However, if you are a daily user, it is best to alternate with water pipes to prevent lung and other chronic diseases.