Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Drug Addiction is becoming a Major Problem in Pakistan, Claims UN ReportDrug Addiction is becoming a Major Problem in Pakistan, Claims UN Report

The United Nations (UN) has recently issued a report talking about a tremendous rise in the drug addiction cases in Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently among the countries where the drug addiction rise is off the charts. This is a very bad news for Pakistan and its overall reputation in the entire world.

The country is already dealing with many crisis and with the drug addiction on the rise, it has another major crisis to deal with.

Report from the UN

The United Nations has recently issued a report about the drug addiction rise and cases in Pakistan, which depicts a very grim situation in the country.

Initially, the rise in drug cases in Pakistan were among those who had crossed the adult age barrier. For a long time, the largest number of drug cases in Pakistan were among those who were over the age of 18.

However, the latest report from the UN shows that the drug addiction has breached the barrier and it is now spreading fast among children in the country.

The substance abuse in Pakistan is on the rise among the children going to school, and the teenagers going to colleges.

As the drug addiction keeps on rising in Pakistan, the health issues is what would come next for the country. This is an extremely alarming situation and the governments must act fast to bring the situation under control.

Drug Addiction Facts and Figures

The drug addiction is now growing deeper and deeper into the country, causing major problems for Pakistan.

According to the report published by the United Nations, there are a total of 7.6 million people in Pakistan who have become drug addicts.

Out of the total number of addicts, 22% are female while the rest (78%) are male. It is quite alarming that the number is constantly rising in Pakistan and there seems to be no control over it.

A similar report was shared by Dawn newspaper, one of the local and oldest newspaper firms in Pakistan. It showed that on an annual basis, 40,000 new drug addiction cases are being recorded across the country.

These are only the cases that are being reported yet there are those that have not been registered at all. As a result, Pakistan has now become a country that is among the most affected from drug addiction.

No Strict Actions

It has become extremely important for the federal government as well as the provincial governments to work out a plan and strategy to put a stop to these cases.

The governments have to work together to ensure that the drug mafias and syndicates operating in all major and small cities, and even villages are apprehended.

The governments must take strict and aggressive actions against those who are selling narcotics to the locals and make an example out of them.

It has become very important that such criminals are caught and punished with the highest penalties so they become an example for other criminals.

The penalties must be really high on these criminals and they must be dealt with extreme disciplinary measurements if caught selling drugs.

Most importantly, the punishment must be even higher and more aggressive for those who are caught selling drugs to the youngsters.

Recent Survey in Pakistan

Just recently, a national survey pertaining to the drug addiction was launched out in Pakistan. It was a joint effort launched by the Bureau of International Narcotics, Pakistan Ministry of Narcotics Control, the UNODC, and the Statement Department of the United States.

The survey is going to be complete in a three year period, beginning from 2022 and ending in 2024. One of the think tanks from Canada also shared its report on drug addiction rise in Pakistan.

It reported that out of all age groups, the drug addiction is on the rise among the school children. The criminals are affecting the very core and young generations of Pakistan, causing a great amount of damage to the future of the country.

The think tank has claimed that Pakistan is in serious need of rehab centers such as Toronto rehab and other rehabs around the world. It not only has to fight the criminals but also try and bring the drug addicts back to their pre-addiction state.