Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Product research is one of the most important steps in dropshipping. If you don’t choose the right product, you won’t make a sale, even if you have the best marketing strategies. 

Thus, finding a product that will be sold is not always child’s play for those who embark on e-commerce, more particularly in dropshipping.

Several tools are used in the world of e-commerce for product research. Without enough experience, it can be very complicated to make the right choice in this crowd of tools.

We have conducted several tests to select the best product finding tool that will surely allow you to find your winning product and make sales. Let’s discover Dropispy together.

All about the Dropispy product finding tool ?

Dropsipy is the all-in-one tool that you absolutely must have in your online sales business. It will save you from wasting money by subscribing to several tools, because it brings together all the necessary tools, from research to the final choice of your product to test.

Dropispy’s algorithms spy on social networks, in particular Facebook, which is also the network most coveted by advertisers, in order to collect the various ads and group them in one place. 

Thus, daily, more than 20,000 new ads from social networks are updated in the app. You will be able to analyze both ads and shops of your competitors. You will therefore no longer have to waste time on social networks by spying on your competitors yourself by traditional methods that no longer work by the way. 

Dropispy lets you see key traffic and conversion data for your competitor’s stores. In addition, its ergonomic and easy-to-use interface allows even beginners to get their hands on products to test.

What are the features of Dropispy ?

One thing is to access the app and the other is to be able to make the right settings to find the product that adapts to the requirements of your business model. In reality, product research techniques differ from one business to another. Someone who does dropshipping will not have the same product selection criteria as someone who does affiliation. 

Presentation of the Dropispy interface

The interface of the Dropispy product finding app is very minimalist and very easy to use. Which will mean that they have just kept the essentials you need for product research.

First, you have the “Ads” interface. It is in this interface that all the ads collected by the robots of the app on the various social networks are found.

You have the possibility to configure the interface according to your needs.

Unlike other dropshipping product research tools, Dropispy has a “Shop” interface that allows you to analyze and have precise data on your competitors’ shops.

Just like in the “Ads” tab, here too you also have the possibility of applying filters in your searches in order to have more precise information. As a filter, we can cite among others:

The domain name: you can directly insert the link of the website of your competitor’s store

The platform: there are several online sales platforms. Dropispy lets you choose a specific platform type for more advanced research. You can choose between Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, PrestaShop, Hybris and Oracle Commerce.

Several other filters such as the type of store, the position of the site on search engines are available to allow you to do very in-depth research on your competitors.

In addition, you will also find on the Dropispy interface, the “My files” tab in which are found all the ads or shops that you have saved during your searches.

Dropispy has also thought of those who have no experience on the internet by including on the site tutorials that show step by step how to configure the tool to have results that meet their needs. You will find these guides in the “Tutorial” tab.

Also feel free to visit the “FAQ” window and the “Other” window to find quick answers on frequently asked questions and to learn more about the conditions of use of the tool.

Why choose Dropispy ?

Here are the reasons why you absolutely must use the Dropispy product finding tool:

• You are looking for a powerful product search tool;

• You are looking for an easy-to-use tool;

• You are looking for an all-in-one tool that will allow you to spy on your competitors;

• Looking for a cheaper tool

If you find yourself in the points listed above, do not hesitate to test Dropispy and make your own experience.


In this article, we discovered the Dropispy product finding tool together. We have also seen why it is by far the best tool that you absolutely must use in your e-commerce business.