Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

We buy a bundle from My Dream occasions and resorts from mount abu on 26 April 2022 for 75, 000. The Manager named Ajay let me know that he has done the EMI for a very long time and that will be deducted consistently from mine Credit card. And afterward after We received mail from HDFC for Loan of Rs. 75, 000 which will be deducted in 24 EMI so I have begun follow up from Ajay to amend this mix-up as he has told to pay the sum in 36 EMI. From that time he misled us so often that he will redress this slip-up yet he has not did any rectification. On 09/05/2021 we got call from Ajay that he need to turn around that credit of 75, 000 and he will change over the new advance from mine charge card. He told that he is just really taking a look at the breaking point for advance anyway truly he produced credit of another 65, 000. (here he has asked charge card no and expiry date and furthermore otp just for actually looking at the advance qualification) and without switching that old 75, 000. Presently he isn’t in any event, piking the call from us. Generously mentioned to take the severe against this individual and do needful for us by turning around the 75, 000 and 65, 000 advance created in mine financial balance and Mastercard. At this point I have made application in bank to seaze mine record as well as all cards. Portable No of Ajay : [protected], [protected], [protected] Deepika :[protected] My fantasy occasions :[protected] Website:
Compassionately do FIR against him and his organization as well as Complain Cyber Crime.

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