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Forecasting Love and Weather 2022

Quick overview of the drama Forecasting Love and Weather 

A romantic drama about work and the love that takes place at the National Weather Service is hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than the localized heavy rains. There is also good news for Spanish and Mexican people that this dorama is being aired free on doramasvip for completely free in HD quality with subtitles in Espanol.

Jin Ha Kyung is an extremely organized and intelligent person who operates by the rules and meticulously keeps her private and professional lives apart. 

Because of her cold manner, she has a few acquaintances at work and is an “outsider because of her choice.” Lee Shi Woo is an independent spirit that is constantly thinking out of the box. Although he isn’t the most agile, he has an impressive 150 IQ and can achieve whatever he wants once he puts his sights on it. 

But, despite his abilities and intelligence, his primary concern was the temperature. Han Ki Joon is an attractive and sharp-witted person with a sparkling tongue. Utilizing his formidable skills of persuasiveness Han Ki Joon eventually is spotted by the spokesperson’s office after struggling at the beginning of his time at the organization. 

Since he’s spent his entire life as an excellent student who has had a tough time when it comes to overcoming failing. Chae Yoo Jin has been a day-to-day weather reporter. While she started her work with high-fantasy expectations that included breaking news stories, thrilling stories, and reports on-site, Chae Yoo Jin was eventually given “the “weather and lifestyle department. Although she initially felt disappointed by her assignment, she finds herself becoming more raved about her work.

 Basic details of this drama

  • Drama: Forecasting Love and Weather
  • Country: South Korea
  • Aired: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
  • Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Episodes: 16
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Original Network: jTBC, Netflix
  • Content Rating: 15+

What is the audience saying about this drama?

1. This guy has watched six episodes of this drama from sixteen on droamas vip.

 Look what he is saying:

Although the story began with a little disappointment (cheating by cheating with BF as well as GF) however, later on, it’s taking off extremely well. The relationship and work are extremely well, and both protagonists are mature. I have seen some negative remarks about the chemistry between ML and FL; however, it’ll initially appear that way since, after the heartbreaking breakup (cheating couples), it takes time to heal and begin the new relationship

Who is comfortable and has to feel comfortable and chemistry? Because they are the primary characters, they can’t display affection amid the new partner after the heartbreaking breakup. I find most convincing when watching Korean dramas is how they display their maturity in the character’s character very well, unlike Chinese dramas, particularly in romantic comedy dramas that focus on office romance. 

OMG, I’m tempted to vomit every time I see the main character’s face. They remain focused and look at each other, making signals or visiting their homes for trivial reasons. These kinds of things are a little immature. According to me so far this drama has been going smoothly and I’m sure that it’s end will be the best.

2. This guy has watched five episodes of this drama from sixteen on droamasvip.

 Look what he is saying:


Song Kang and Min Young are back! Their chemistry is electric.

It’s way too early to do an extensive review; however, the first two episodes are fantastic.

However much I love the cute puppy face of Song Kang and Park Min Young’s stand-up comedy. I’m here to watch the story and the imagination. Do you think anyone didn’t know this drama is too much like “she wouldn’t even know” (also on JTBC) that aired the year before?


BOTH female leads were hurt by their boyfriends, who had a second partner behind their backs.

The female leads were supposed to travel overseas, but they decided to stay.

Both male leaders are the “new person” on the team. He excels in his work and talents.

The female leads both disliked the male leads initially. However, they both fell in love with him.

Prediction: Yura wants to go back to song Kang again as did rowoon’s ex-GF “she wouldn’t even know.”

I could continue to go on and on. The basic concept is the same as the original. They’ve altered the actors, altered the location of the story, altered the plot everywhere, and called it a brand new drama. What do you think??