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cabinet doorscabinet doors

Any kitchen or restroom cupboard system must include cabinet doors. They are essential to the general design and usefulness of the room in addition to safeguarding the cabinet’s contents. It’s simple to find an appearance that suits your design tastes and financial constraints because cabinet doors are available in a variety of materials, designs, and finishes.


  • The three most frequently used components for cupboard panels are thermofoil, laminate, and wood. Wood is a traditional material for cabinet doors and provides many choices for design and finish. Additionally, it is a strong substance that can withstand wear and strain over time.
  • Budget-conscious people frequently choose laminate because it is less costly than wood while still providing a variety of design choices. A thin piece of plastic is layered over a base material like particleboard or MDF to create it. Laminate is a strong and hygienic substance that works well in high-traffic locations.
  • Another economical choice is thermofoil, which is created by coating a base like MDF with a thin covering of vinyl. Thermofoil doors come in a range of colours and styles and are simple to keep and clean. However, they are less enduring than wood or plastic and can eventually start to peel or fracture.


There are many various cabinet door designs to pick from, each with a distinctive appearance and feel. The most typical fashions are:

Raised panels

Cabinet doors with raised panels have an elevated centre panel that is enclosed in a frame. This design provides a classic appearance that will never date and is popular in traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Shaker cupboard doors

Shaker cupboard doors are a common option for contemporary and transitional kitchens. They have a flat screen and hollow frame in a straightforward, uncluttered design. This design is frequently combined with a neutral-coloured lacquered finish or a natural wood finish.

Slab cupboard doors

Slab cupboard doors lack frames or sections and have a straightforward, flat form. This design provides a smooth and streamlined appearance and is popular in modern and contemporary kitchens.

Cabinet doors made of glass have a frame with an inserted glass screen. The use of this design in the kitchen or restroom can add a bit of refinement and is popular for showing dishes or decorative items.

cabinet doors
cabinet doors


Finding a style that suits your design tastes is simple thanks to the broad variety of colours and textures available for cabinet door finishes. The most well-liked embellishments consist of:


For wood cupboard doors, stained finishes are a common option. They give richness and depth while letting the wood’s inherent beauty show through.

Painted Finishes

Painted finishes come in a wide array of colours and can be used to create a variety of styles, from conventional to contemporary. For those who want to coordinate their cabinets to their décor, they are also an excellent option.

Glazed finishes

Glazed finishes are a common option for people who want to give their cabinetry character and volume. They are created by glazing a dyed or painted surface and then removing the enamel to give it a soft, worn appearance.


Matte surfaces are favoured by those who want to create a minimalist style because they provide a sleek and contemporary appearance. In comparison to glossy surfaces, they are also less likely to reveal fingerprints and smudges.

High Gloss Kitchen Doors

A cupboard door finish style known as high gloss kitchen doors is distinguished by a glossy, reflective surface. Typically, these doors are constructed from Plexiglas, laminate, or varnished MDF. (medium-density fiberboard). Modern and contemporary kitchens frequently use high gloss kitchen doors to give the room a streamlined and refined appearance.

Brighter and roomier kitchen

High gloss kitchen doors have the ability to refract light, which can help a tiny or gloomy kitchen feel brighter and roomier. This is one of their main advantages. They are a sensible option for high-traffic places because of the smooth, easy-to-clean surface that the shiny surface produces. High gloss kitchen doors come in a variety of colours, including bold and vibrant tones like red and blue as well as moderate shades like white and black. Additionally, they can be personalized with various motifs or treatments, like chrome or wood grain.