Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
domestic violence lawyerdomestic violence lawyer

Domestic violence, as we often think, is a case where the husband violates the wife. But this is not always the case. Domestic violence involves any people who are in a domestic relationship. It could be between any people living within the family. So then, how would you classify domestic violence? It is a form of violence that is considered to be personal violence also. And to plead your domestic violence case in court, you would require one of the best domestic violence lawyers.

Domestic violence cases are on the rise not in any one specific country, but all over the world. According to statistics, it has been revealed that male offenders are more in number than female offenders. But again, here it is to be noted that most of the male domestic violence cases go unreported. You should not tolerate any offence done by your husband and you should immediately report such cases to the nearest police station.

Statistics To Help You Understand The Extent Of Domestic Violence Cases

The importance of domestic violence lawyers will be understood once you delve into the statistics of domestic violence cases. Here we will take the example of Australia’s statistics. As per an ABS personal safety survey in 2016, 1.6 million adult women were subjected to domestic violence. Of these numbers, 17% of them were subjected to violence from the age of 15.

domestic violence lawyer
domestic violence lawyer

On the other part, of more than 547,600 adult men were being subjected to domestic violence, and 6% were facing violence from the age of 15. According to this survey, it has been proved that women were exposed to violence by their partners more than men were. But today, the case of domestic violence against men has also risen. So, you now can understand why domestic violence lawyers are very important in society.

Know The Types Of Domestic Violence

You have heard a lot about domestic violence. But you should also know what all are included under domestic violence before you can visit a domestic violence lawyer. Categories of domestic violence include:

  • Breach of apprehended violence order
  • Stalking or intimidating
  • Common assault
  • Causing bodily harm
  • Wounding the victim
  • Employing carriage services to harass, cause a menace, or threat
  • Choking or strangulation of the victim
  • Damage to property
  • Murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Distribution of intimate image without the consent of the victim or threatening to record or distribute that recording

If you think you may in the future or may have already faced such offences against you, then you can always consider hiring the services of a domestic violence lawyer. It is not about the compensation, but your lawyer can also help you to protect your rights as a citizen of your respective state or country.

Why Would You Require A Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Having a domestic violence lawyer defend your case would give you that edge, which you otherwise would not have in a court of law. They will represent you in such a way that your chances of success in a court of law would elevate and success higher. Their written submissions will be complex and more detailed. They will be deftly prepared by a trained person like a lawyer.

domestic violence lawyer
domestic violence lawyer

The Types Of Domestic Relationships That Can Be Subjected To Violence

Now you have to understand which sort of relationship is liable to be subjected to domestic violence. You do not need to tolerate such violence if you have a domestic violence lawyer. Domestic violence can happen in any relationship such as

  • Marriage
  • The personal relationship that is intimate
  • De facto partner
  • Paid or unpaid helping hand
  • A relative
  • Housemate

So if you are in any of the above-mentioned relationships and are undergoing violence, then you are always free to consult a domestic violence lawyer.

What Punishment Can An Offender Get?

A professional domestic violence lawyer can protect your rights and place solid evidence in the court to get a judgment in your favor. In the case of domestic violence cases, offenders can be punished with the followings:

  • Be jailed full time
  • Community correction order under the supervision
  • Intensive correction order is also under supervision
  • Conditional release order with supervision

Concluding Note

Domestic violence is increasing daily across the world. This has increased the scope and role of domestic violence lawyers across the country. There is no reason why women should sit quietly and go through all the physical and mental torture when so many experienced lawyers are there to handle their cases.