Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Yes, paintballs can hurt. 

The paintball can hurt because they are made up of solid condensed material of paint which is also water soluble. These balls seem small but are heavily destructive when fired from a distance. The more the distance the greater the speed and the frequency of hurting increases.

Hurt intensity of paintball and airsoft ball:

Paintballs are likely more painful than airsoft balls when you don’t wear proper gear. According to, Paintball hurt more because when they strike the body of the target, these balls get burst immediately and cause bruises and pain. Airsoft ball is less painful as compared to paintball because airsoft ball is smaller in size and travels slower when shot from a gun hence exerting less pressure. 

Does airsoft ball hurt?

Yes, it hurts…… but it hurts way less than a paintball because it is smaller in size, exerts large pressure and it hurts like bee stings a little touch of pain that can hurt you as long as you feel ( according to your temper). 

Ways by which paintball can hurt you:

 following  are the factors at which the hurt rate depends

1. Speed of the paintball

2. Distance from where the bullet is fired

3. Shape of the gun or the type of the gun

4. When you don’t wear the proper kind of clothes (gears)

5. The body part where it is shorted

6. The temperament of your body

7. Paintball composition

8. The finely a shooter can shoot

How long it will take to heal from a paintball?

It may take 2 to three weeks to heal properly from the wound depending upon the intensity of the bruises. Most of the time the short of the paintball hurt like a firm flick on your body. Paintball fights let you experience the real War. It is also used as a common practice among the soldiers of the army.

Can paintball cause bleed?

No, it cannot. It is very convenient to play with that there are so many areas all over the world and the children all play with paintballs. When the speed of the ball is 190mph or 120 mph it hurts very badly and can even make scars on your body and even bleed.

Paintball fight and mental health?

Yes, paintball fight uses as a rage-controlling therapy. Nowadays rage is the major problem in societies and it is the best way to cope with anger issues. Paintball fight is a thrill-seeking game and you can shoot the other person brutally without hurting them. This fight reminds us that there are ways to deal with your anger and it is also very important for the mental health of the people.

How can you cure paintball bruises?

Paintball fight is one the most thrilling like go-carting that gives you a memorable experience that lasts forever, Sometimes good experiences will also help you heal soon. But the body still hurts anyway, To avoid the skin burn and after-effects of a paintball fight wear proper gear and apply ointments and take painkillers. The bruises from the paintball fight are not serious.

This is sort of a mind game and when you focus on the game and not the pain you will enjoy more and experience better. But there is pain either, So, there is a description of avoiding Paint ball bruises:

  1. Wash the bruise:

Before applying any medicine or ointment, first, wash the affected area carefully with warm water. Water is anti-inflammatory and washes away dirt and other elements that can affect the wound.

5. Soak Your muscles in the Salted water:

It is normal to get bruises after a paintball fight. To avoid it take one or two spoons of Epsom salt in warm water in the bathtub and soak your body in it. This procedure will relax your muscles and helps you to cope with pain. Moreover, Epsom salt is also anti-inflammatory and causes to heal bruises and wounds to heal fast.

How to avoid bruises and welts:

The reliable way to avoid wounds and welts is to wear proper gear. The clothes should be designed in such a way that could easily cover your whole body and help you to avoid wounds and bruises. The clothes should be of long sleeves, thick material, the helmet must be included and goggles along with it too.

Treatment options for paintball bruises and welts

  1. Use warm water to wash the bruise. Before applying any ointment, wash a paintball bruise or welt with warm soapy water. …
  2. Use ice or warm water to avoid inflammation
  3. Take over-the-counter pain medication
  4. Elevate the affected area.
  5. Soak in Epsom salt. 
  6. Topical natural remedies.
  • Don’t expose your skin. Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and boots.
  • Wear padding or dress in multiple layers of clothes. This reduces the force of a paintball against your skin.
  • Wear a helmet. Protecting your head from paintballs is important.
  • Don’t forget your goggles. Paintball blows don’t only damage the skin, they can also damage your eyes if they’re not protected.
  • Change your body stance. This can help you to avoid multiple hits in the same spot

How to Treat Paintball Welts?

The best way to prevent and minimize welts is to wear protective clothing while playing paintball. Long sleeves, pants, and multiple layers will provide the best protection if the weather allows. Wear proper gear while playing paintball fights to avoid any kind of injury.

In the end, whatever you wear protection is the main priority so make sure to dress up in a way that can be easygoing and provides maximum protection as well. Moreover, if it helps you look like a Warrior.

After all, it is a paintball fight that is all about fun. You will get hurt. If you focus on enjoying more you will eventually feel less pain, Observing the debate we should remember that a paint fight will not harm your body and its bruises can be easily healed or washed away. Just try to cover your skin to cope with adverse effects.

If you focus on the game the results would be way better.