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Acrylic Keychains


The Acrylic Keychain are made with major areas of strength for a, acrylic material that can be engraved in full tone and cut to any shape.

Acrylic Keychains feature somewhat 0.085” (~2mm) cut opening for making your own keychains, jewels and more.The Acrylic charms are made with areas of strength for a, acrylic material that can be engraved in full tone and cut to any shape. Acrylic charms incorporate somewhat 0.085” (~2mm) cut opening for cre.

Looking for a lightweight keychain decision, or perhaps something that capabilities splendidly with non-enamel welcoming craftsmanship? We gotcha!These acrylic draw in keychains have been a veritable hit! Acrylic charms contain it is conceivable that one layer of acrylic board with an epoxy-covered picture on top (or on base, expecting you favor the acrylic layer over the front and epoxy on back), or two layers of board with the image in the center between. The genuine picture can be lopsided or two sided. The most notable technique is twofold board and two sided printing.


Acrylic charms are ideally suited for craftsmanship that could consolidate little nuances, points, shadows, surfaces, or various parts that don’t work commendably in enamel pins. We can use vector or raster records! For the best results, we propose working at a respectable huge report size with a significant standard pull out all the stops twice the size of the finished keychain. Most report types are okay including png(best if that you truly need clear locales), jpeg, psd, vector reproduced insight or pdf, etc. All craftsmanship will be exchanged over totally to cmyk for printing.Want to examine? Grab one of our acrylic connect with test packs! In case you should keep a locale as clear plastic, just leave it clear in your craftsmanship. If you should use a reasonable tone, sympathetically guarantee it is on it’s own layer, then again in case sending a vector record, assuming no one really minds, let us in on which assortment you should be clear.

Acrylic Keychains


Our unquestionable Acrylic Keychain are created utilizing 100% reused acrylics that were destined for landfill and consuming, making them ideal for making your own extent of impeccable, Eco-obliging merchandise.Recycled acrylic (R-MMA) looks and continues as well as standard virgin acrylic (PMMA) while being VOC and HFC free and essentially kinder to the environment.3mm thick clear acrylic charms. Painstakingly engraved in full tone, with single and twofold sided printing decisions and cut to anything shape you like.Choose from a matte, shimmer, pitch or shimmer gum finish and add skip rings using the open decisions.

Acrylic Charm:

The solid and clear acrylic material combined make an Acrylic charm. The material is totally printed with different assortments and can be cut into different shapes. The material has a little part with a 2mm opening and it is ordinarily and generally used in the production of different kinds of jewels and key chains and some more.

Acrylic Keychain:

Keychains are a customarily used thing and everyone used this thing to save keys. This is the thing by which the gathering or the pack of keys is set in one negligible spot.