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When it comes to broadband for business you essentially have two options.

Use a domestic broadband connection that any consumer can buy.

Or invest in a dedicated business broadband connection that’s specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses, from connection reliability, to downloads and upload speeds, to security.

Not many business owners are aware of the benefits of business broadband, and simply get by using a ‘regular’ broadband connection.

But is that a bad thing?

Is it really necessary to invest specifically in business broadband?

Communication Plus explains why investing in dedicated business broadband is best for business.

1 – Business broadband has better security

Security is always an issue when dealing with broadband connections, but especially when you’re a business, storing and sending commercially sensitive information of your company, and your clients, it’s an even bigger issue.

Particularly when you consider the size of the fines you could face from GDPR breaches, and also the loss of reputation if you fall victim to a cyber attack.

Unfortunately, businesses face ever increasing risks from cyber attacks and the fact is regular ‘domestic’ broadband doesn’t have the level of security you need.

Business broadband adds additional layers of encryption and data protection to your service that’s capable of dealing with more advanced attacks.

2 – Faster upload and download speeds

For a business, it’s obviously important to have fast download speeds because you’ll be regularly downloading files and information.

But in business, upload speeds are just as, if not more, important.

This is because your upload speed determines how quickly you can upload and send large files and content without experiencing delays.

Imagine if you’re sending a proposal or presentation, you want to make sure it sends instantly.

Regular, domestic broadband can’t handle this, because it’s set up to deal with the needs of consumers so it focuses on download speeds – which customers need for TV shows, films and music.

3 – More device capacity

When you’re connected to your home broadband you’re typically only competing for space with a half dozen devices.

This could be other smartphones, some tablets, laptops and potentially smart TVs.

When you’re dealing with business connections, you’re competing with space with many more devices, potentially a few dozen devices, or even hundreds of other devices.

Domestic routers aren’t designed to handle this many connections, business broadband routers on the other hand are created specifically to handle much higher connection volumes without experiencing disruption or delays.

4 – Business broadband creates a static IP address

There are two types of IP address you’ll find with broadband, a dynamic IP address and a static IP address.

A dynamic IP address is what you get with domestic broadband. The IP address changes every time a computer connects to the internet via your connections.

This can be difficult for businesses when employees need to connect remotely.

A static IP address is one that doesn’t change, which makes it easier to gain access remotely, so is perfect if you have employees working out of the office.

You just have to ensure you have good security, which is already built into business broadband.

5 – Prioritise your business’ broadband connection

Despite what you might think, your residential broadband is actually competing for service in the street box with every other connection within that box.

It’s why your broadband might run a bit slower during peak times of the day.

It means if you use a residential broadband connection for business, you could be competing with the residential homes and apartments using the same street box.

This could slow your connection considerably if you have a lot of neighbours downloading TV shows and films.

6 – Get a dedicated line of support

When your residential broadband has a fault it can take a while for the issues to be resolved.

This is because you’ll end up in a queue with everyone else who’s having a problem with their wifi.

When this is stopping you watching your latest Netflix series it can be annoying.

When your business is reliant on a broadband connection that isn’t working, it’s critical.

With business broadband, not only do you get a reliable, secure connection, you also get a dedicated line of support to resolve any issues you have quickly so your business can continue operating as normal.

Dedicated business broadband is the right investment

Modern businesses are highly reliant on broadband to handle all their communications and operations, even those businesses which haven’t moved to remote or hybrid working.

With business critical operations reliant on a broadband connection, you can’t take the risk of a slow connection with domestic routers.

Business broadband provides the kind of fast, reliable, secure connection any business needs to remain as productive and efficient as possible.

Any business that fails to make the investment risks falling behind the competition, and putting their own future at risk.

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