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Have you tasted different types of alcoholic beverages? You have experienced varied flavours every time you sip the spirits. However, the costs of liqueurs, whiskies, and other liqueurs vary significantly. But, why do the best whiskies cost higher? The choice of the brand also affects the cost of your whisky.

The distilleries make the whisky liqueur using barley, rye, and other grains. The whisky is matured in oak barrels. The main qualities of the drink depend on:

  • The bottling process
  • Ageing duration
  • Grains
  • Ingredients used for the liqueur

Why should you pay for the premium whisky?

Most consumers like to buy quality whisky for different reasons:

A robust flavour profile

The best whiskies have complex flavours and let you experience different smells. So, you will get a diverse experience if you drink whisky regularly. You may also choose light-bodied whisky on any occasion. Some whiskies are available with bold notes of vanilla.

A range of health benefits

Whiskies have a higher quantity of antioxidants lowering the risk of cardiac disorders. Moreover, whisky consumers find an improved cholesterol level as they drink the beverage regularly. Whisky also contains iron, zinc, and vitamins to boost your heart and brain health. Most whisky makers use plant-based antioxidants for the beverage. The beverage also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Furthermore, whisky makes the blood vessels widen for a temporary period. It removes mucus congestion from your chest and sinuses. Your body can easily combat infection and sickness.

Whiskies of various types

Depending on the type of whisky you have chosen, there is a difference in the cost.

The most popular and costliest whisky is Scotch whisky. The ABV of this whisky is about 95%. The Scotch distilleries choose oak casks for about 3 years to mature the whisky before pouring it into the bottle.

There is also bourbon whiskey containing 80% alcohol. The quantity of corn in this whisky is high. The distilleries use charred oak barrels for ageing the bourbon. The minimum alcohol content of the beverage is about 40%.

How will you determine the quality of whisky?

The colour of the whisky will tell you if the drink is of high quality. The liquor’s colour ranges from deep brown to light yellow hues. It denotes the quality and flavour of your whisky.

A darker brown whisky indicates that it is an older beverage containing malt. It also denotes that the distilleries have used a new cask for ageing the spirit. The wood imparts its colour to the liqueur. You will experience an intense mouthfeel while drinking the whisky.

The aroma of a whisky also defines the perception. You can learn about the origin of the drink. Younger whisky lets you enjoy a sharp alcoholic sting.

So, these factors make a difference in the cost of the whisky. The best Glenfiddich whisky according to many is a single-malt beverage available at a reasonable rate. You can find this drink in a variety of finishes.

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