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In the history of Real Madrid there have been many unsuccessful transfers. But the signing of Eden Hazard of Chelsea London was special. In 2019, it seemed that this step was doomed to success, but the reality turned out to be completely different. By the way, you can easily follow football today scores of the Madrid club on the website of sports statistics. The match calendar is very busy, but if you search for results here, you definitely won’t miss anything.

So, Hazard’s transfer was in 2019. The club paid 100 million euros for the Belgian, and even then this amount seemed too big for several reasons:

  1. Eden was almost 29. Obviously, it is not a critical age, but this is quite a lot for such a technical and traumatic footballer.
  2. Price. Yes, at that time, Hazard was definitely among the top 5 best football players on the planet. However, he had only a year left under the contract with Chelsea. But Real decided not to wait for this deadline and paid a fabulous sum.
  3. Overweight problems. The midfielder had them even then, and in Madrid this problem became even more urgent.

As a result, today Hazard’s influence on football scores of his team matches is minimal.

In many ways, the reason for the failed performance of the Belgian is in his permanent injuries. Yes, when Eden is fit, he occasionally shows great play. However, then he gets another injury. As a result, he is sidelined for a long time, then it takes time to recover. All this makes him struggle to find the rhythm in training. As a result, Hazard is most often either injured or in poor shape. Of course, this was clearly not expected of the Belgian in Spain.

Reasons for the failed performance of the Belgian

Yet another reason behind Hazard’s failure at the Santiago Bernabeu is Zinedine Zidane’s departure. In many ways, this transfer was made “under” the Frenchman. He believed in Eden very much and regularly provided him with practice, but he was injured too often. As a result, in the La Liga Spanish table, the Madrid club finished high even without the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti, who replaced Zidane, didn’t treat the Belgian in a special way. Yes, he actively uses Eden when he is available. However, Ancelotti made it clear that for him Hazard is one of many and he will not have any privileges.

Will the Belgian still be able to help his team lead the Spanish table and win La Liga? This is a controversial issue. However, it is obvious that it will be impossible to return all the money that Real spent on the signing of Hazard. That is why the transfer of such a player is quite rightly considered one of the worst in the history of the Royal club. Too many factors were left out before the signing of the former Chelsea player and, in the end, they made themselves obvious.


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