From flowers to balloons, each element of a bouquet brings a smile to people’s faces. We know that flowers have a special place in our hearts as they calm us and make us feel peculiar in life. We try to understand their language and, we also share our love through them. Flowers are a beautiful creation that notch up every celebration with their fragrance and appearance. Every festival and feast is incomplete without beautiful blooms. You can also find them bound together as a bunch but do you know there are many kinds of bunches or bouquets that we are unaware of. Today, under this blog, we will talk about the lovely and mesmerizing floral bunches that are used in weddings or on other occasions. These bouquets are elegant and designed in a way that leaves everyone in awe. So, let’s have a look at what all bouquets we have covered for you. From wedding bouquets to feasting bouquets, they are many, designed to add glitters to your occasion.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

Are you looking for a bouquet for a bohemian wedding, then this is what you need. This is a hand-tied bouquet consisting of ferns, vines and roses, typing it loose with a ribbon or metallic wire to give it a casual, chic look. This bouquet perfectly suits rustic weddings or, you can also carry this floral arrangement to any occasion as a gift.

Crescent Bouquet

As the name suggests crescent, this bouquet is a moon-shaped bouquet made with beautiful ferns and vines. Giving it a moon shape, exotic flowers are used to bring this floral arrangement to reality. From Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding tables, to other feasts and celebrations, this particular bouquet is eye candy for all. So, if you are looking to add something enthralling, then this is the floral arrangement you need.

Round Bouquet

A round bouquet is one that looks round in shape from the top angle. This amusing bouquet has different types of flowers styled in a way that they look round. This is a perfect bouquet to adorn any wedding, even a bride would love to carry a bouquet like this. If you are going for a bridal shower or baby shower, you can carry this bouquet for the lovely lady present on these occasions.

Composite Bouquet

If you want to leave a long-lasting impression on people, then this is a fascinating floral bouquet that you should definitely take with you. This bouquet is made of petals of different flowers, but there should be some long petals as well to complete this bouquet. This floral arrangement will complement your feast or interiors, and people will love having this bouquet with them.

Waterfall Bouquet

This is a beautiful wedding bouquet that a bride carries while walking down the aisle. This is such a magnificent bouquet that adds glitter to the wedding. On this big day, this flower arrangement consisting of heartwarming flowers, long trailing vine and leaves look perfect. So, if you weren’t aware of this bouquet, then understand and take it with you for your soon to be bride. She will love to walk down with it.

Posy Bouquet

Posy bouquet is a kind of round bouquet with a not so round shape. The minimalist look of this bouquet with a ribbon tied on it is a beauty that one should have. It is a go-to bouquet for a bride wanting a simple wedding with an elegant yet minimalist bouquet. Round blooms like roses, gerberas, dahlias, peonies are used to make this bouquet more precise, round and sensational for the bride walking down the aisle.

Nosegay Bouquet

This is a small and popular wedding bouquet that is adorned by each bride who is in search of a lightweight floral arrangement. They are cut into the same, uniform length, and then they are tied either with wire or silken ribbon. So, go for the flower and surprise your bride or you can also take this flower bunch on casual dinners and bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Biedermeier Bouquet

With eight to ten flowers making a ring, this is an exquisite bouquet that perfectly complements the bride. This bouquet consists of textured leaves, a live foliage bouquet and flowers like dahlia, roses, tulips and orchids. This bouquet is a perfect wedding bouquet that is made just for the guests appearing or for the bride walking down the aisle. Apart from that, you can also take this bouquet for your beloved ones. They will love the aroma and the freshness of the flowers.

Contemporary Bouquet

This is the kind of bouquet that has different flowers giving a vintage feel. This bouquet can be used in wedding arrangements or adorning the home for festive occasions. Lily, hydrangea, anthurium, stephanotis, sweet peas, such flowers come together to give it a unique and elegant look. So, try this mesmerising floral arrangement and elevate your dining table, living room table or kitchen or wedding with this contemporary bouquet.

Aren’t these bouquets beautifully designed? Well, you can buy flower arrangements or send balloon bouquets, whichever element suits you best and astound your beloved ones. They are readily available or, you can also make one by yourself. So, think about it and exhibit your love and affection. Upscale your celebration with exquisite floral arrangements.

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