Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
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Couples therapy is a type of therapy that exclusively deals with relationship issues. It helps people resolve conflicts, get over minor and major bumps in the relationship, amicably deal with separation, improve communication, and solve any issues that might be causing friction in the partnership.

Moreover, couples therapy is not only intended for when the couples are going through a rough patch, but it also is helpful during major life transitions like marriage and starting a family.

To benefit most from couples counselling It is important that you do your due diligence before starting the process. Apart from choosing your therapist carefully, it also helps to know the different couples therapy techniques.

Couples therapy techniques

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) is a form of talk therapy that helps people in altering their behaviors and mindsets. CBT is also effective in cases where the conflict in the relationship stems from external influences, thoughts, personality traits, and mental health disorders.

Narrative therapy

In narrative therapy, people are made to narrate their problems in the form of a story. It allows people then to envision themselves with a different future. Hence, this therapy allows people to change the narrative.

Another benefit of narrative therapy is that it lets people think of multiple possibilities. Narrative therapy also helps in lowering conflict in the relationship alongside improving cooperation in the couples.

Imago relationship therapy

We are greatly influenced by our childhood experiences. They help in shaping our sensibilities and personalities. Issues during childhood can also affect adult relationships.

Imago relationship therapy helps in addressing these childhood In such situations and scenarios, the expert marriage counselor Sacramento or couples relationship therapist offers an in-depth counseling for all desirous couples that want a long-standing relationship, come what may. It is by understanding their childhood days, and relating it with their present life. traumas and problems so that the relationship can improve.

The Gottman methods

Another technique for couples therapy is the Gottman Method. In it, there are four main categories, known as the ‘four horsemen,’ that include criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

The core idea of this method is to address the problematic areas of the relationship and develop effective problem-solving skills. It helps couples realize their triggers, what values bring them together, and explore further why they are experiencing disagreements. The Gottman method also aids in improving intimacy in the relationship.

Emotion-focused therapy

Emotion-focused therapy involves the couples identifying the problem areas, and then the underlying emotions that contribute to the reaction.

Such introspection allows people to understand their reactions better. It then addresses the underlying unmet emotional needs so as to improve the relationship then.

Discernment counseling

Discernment counseling is exclusively for couples in which one partner wants to end the relationship and the other wants to continue with it.

The therapy sessions help the couples realize which outcome is better for them. Moreover, it also allows the couples to get clarity over whether they want to continue with proper couples therapy to determine the fate of their relationship.

Solution-focused therapy

As also suggested by the name, in solution-focused therapy, the marriage counselor helps in addressing a particular issue that affects the relationship, like burnout, anxiety, and similar problems. One caveat is that this short-term therapy only offers solutions for certain problems.