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Hinged Wardrobe Installation

Whether you want to increase storage space. or raise the resale value of your property, renovating it is the best option you have. When it comes to renovation, the simplest yet the best option you have is the installation of a new wardrobe in your bedroom. It will be a valuable addition to your home that will not only offer extra storage space and functionality but transform the overall appearance of your living space, especially your bedroom.

You can choose from a wide range of wardrobe designs and styles. If you want to give a classic touch to your bedroom, hinged wardrobes installation can be your best choice. However, before you opt for it, you must understand everything about it. Today, we will provide information about hinged-door wardrobes, ensuring you make informed decisions when installing a new hinged wardrobe in your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Hinged Door Wardrobes

The following are the primary things you must know about hinged wardrobes.

Design Options

The first thing you need to focus on is the design of the wardrobe. Hinged wardrobes are classic ones usually available in simple designs and styles. However, it never means that they are not versatile. You can explore a wide range of options to check which design looks good in your room.

The key thing you need to focus on when selecting designs is to focus on the aesthetics and overall design of your home. It will help you in making the right choice. Currently, the trending design options in hinged wardrobes include planned doors, mirrored shelves, etc. Try to select a perfect combination of classic and modern design to make your hinged-door wardrobe look perfect.

Material Selection

Hinged wardrobes can be made from a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, MDF, etc. You need to select the material wisely based on your requirements ensuring your wardrobe lasts longer and looks aesthetic throughout this duration. The most common materials used for hinged wardrobes are:


It is an elegant option for all types of wardrobes as it looks aesthetic and always remains trending. It’s a timeless material that can be used to craft amazing designs and styles of hinged wardrobes.


It is known as a medium-density fiberboard and is often used in making different furniture. It’s a cost-effective and elegant material for your hinged wardrobe.


If your primary focus is to get a wardrobe that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is cost-effective as well, then a metal wardrobe can be your choice. It is an aesthetic material for a hinged wardrobe that can last for several decades.

Size of the Wardrobe

The size of the wardrobe matters a lot as it must fit perfectly in your bedroom. A too-big or too-small wardrobe can affect the overall aesthetics of your room. The best thing you can do in this regard is to opt for fitted bedroom wardrobes. These hinged wardrobes are made-to-measure, ensuring your wardrobe is perfect in size. These wardrobes are custom-made according to the space available in your bedroom. They are often built upward to minimize the use of floor space and maximize the storage capacity.

Interior Features

Interior features of your hinged wardrobe cannot be neglected as they not only enhance functionality but play a part in improving the aesthetics as well. You can choose from a wide range of interior feature options based on your requirements. The key things that must be present in your wardrobe are:

Hanging Rods

They are required to hang your clothes, ensuring you get a full display of available clothes and utilize them properly.


Built-in drawers must be present in your wardrobe to organize smaller items such as socks, undergarments, and other accessories.


To give a modern touch and aesthetic appeal to your wardrobe, you can opt for mirrors. They can be used either outside or inside of the hinged wardrobe.


Pay special attention to the lighting of your wardrobe. Built-in lighting improves the overall appearance of your wardrobe and lets you access your items conveniently.

Apart from that, you must also focus on adding different shelves, racks, cabins, and hooks to store and organize different things.

Installation and Assembly

Installation and assembly of the hinged wardrobe must be done carefully. The simplest way is to get in touch with experts for the installation process. They have advanced tools and equipment for hinged wardrobes installation. From door alignment to assembling shelves and tacks, they will pay special attention to all the tasks during installation and assembly.

Final Words

Hinged wardrobes are a classic yet trending option for your bedrooms. They offer extra storage space and timeless style at the same time. Pay equal attention to both the exterior and interior of the wardrobe and always contact reliable experts for installation and assembly of these wardrobes.

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