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David Perry to Have the Best Christmas after Winning $1,000,000 from Mega MillionsDavid Perry to Have the Best Christmas after Winning $1,000,000 from Mega Millions

If you are getting bored and want to get rid of the boredom, then you have come at the right place. Whether you are interested in lottery games or not, you would definitely find what you read here to be very entertaining.

The Mega Millions lottery has just the right kind of thing for you to fill you with excitement. They have the results and the story of one of the high prize winners from one of the latest lottery draws.

David Perry Wins it Big

The lottery officials are here to talk about David Perry, who is among the players that have won huge prizes participating in the Mega Millions draws.

Perry has been inducted into the million dollar club at the Mega Millions for being able to win a $1,000,000 prize.

This is a great achievement for the player and something that may not come twice in David Perry’s life. As the odds of winning the lottery are close to impossible, it is no less than a miracle for Perry to have won the second top prize.

His win in one of the recent Mega Millions games has definitely earned him the right for his story to be shared publicly. However, before we get to that, it is important we talk about the particular draw that crowned him a millionaire.

November 8 Mega Millions Draw

One of the recent draws David participated in for the Mega Millions game was for November 8, 2022. The draw had offered the jackpot prize money that was worth $154 million in annuity and $74.7 million cash prize.

The winning numbers required to win the jackpot prize were 59-38-29-13-5 and the Megaball number was 23. The draw also had a Megaplier added to every eligible ticket, which was 4X.

The 4X Megaplier meant that every ticket winning a prize except for the jackpot, having the Megaplier option added, would have their prizes quadrupled.

Winning Results

It was a letdown that no one from the United States was able to win the jackpot prize money. This means that not a single player matched all the numbers from the draw to win $154 million or $74.7 million.

Therefore, the top prize for the draw by default shifted to $4,000,000. The second top prize money for the Mega Millions is $1,000,000 but in the particular draw, any ticket with a Megaplier winning the $1,000,000 would have it increase four times.

This would eventually increase the prize money on the ticket to $4,000,000.

David Perry Won $1,000,000

David was among the players who had won the second-top prize money, which in the November 8 draw could be taken as the top prize.

David matched 5 primary numbers (59-38-29-13-5) from the draw but he did not add the Megaplier option so he only walked home with $1,000,000.

David Perry was not the only player who became a millionaire from the particular draw. A total of four players (including David) won the second top prize.

Two more players $1,000,000 each and they were from Georgia and Illinois. There was another player who won the $4,000,000 from Maryland, who became the top prize winner from the November 8 draw.

David Perry’s Story and Plan

David Perry, who is from Manhattan, revealed that he is not a regular when it comes to playing Mega Millions. However, he does try his luck every now and then but he never puts extra effort or stake when buying Mega Millions tickets.

This is what he did when he participated in the November 8 draw. He went for the cheapest option and did not even take the Megaplier option.

Although he regrets he did not see his ticket multiply but he is thankful for the $1,000,000 win. For him, it was an investment with the biggest return and he is going to use it wisely.

But first, he is going to have some fun with the money he has won before he locks a certain amount. He has plans to upgrade his Christmas celebration and take his family on a trip to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

He is also going to give huge gifts to his children and get some jewelry for his wife.