Thu. May 30th, 2024

In today’s evolving world, many businesses have made the switch to house files and sensitive material on computers. Though computers can offer convenience, speed, and increased organization, it comes with its fair share of risk as well. 

You can check out Increditools which recently disclosed that everyone including small to mid-sized businesses, is at risk of having sensitive information compromised or tampered with. In fact, cybercrime has become such a problem that a new form of cybercrime called cyber terrorism has evolved over the last few decades. As such, businesses need to have strategies set in place to safeguard themselves from attacks on their cyber networks. 

What is Cybercrime? 

Before going about developing strategies to protect one’s business, it’s important to understand what cybercrime is, and the different forms it can take. 

Put simply, cybercrime is a crime that involves a computer and a network. Though this definition is broad, there are some common forms of cybercrime that one should always be on the lookout for. Here are some various forms of cybercrime that business owners and employees should be aware of: 


This type of attack is typically perpetrated by someone who is attempting to steal one’s sensitive information. The perpetrator of this type of cyberattack will typically send an email while pretending to be a reputable source. 

When a victim unsuspectingly clinks on a nefarious link or attachment, the phishing perpetrator will gain access to the victim’s computer. This can be especially dangerous to businesses because a cyber-criminal could potentially gain access to financial account information and employees’ personal information. 

Cloud Jacking 

This new form of cybercrime occurs when a perpetrator infiltrates one’s cloud network. In today’s world, this is becoming increasingly more dangerous as more and more sensitive information is being housed in the cloud. Similarly, businesses are vulnerable to damaging risks when their cloud network is infiltrated, and criminals gain access to their sensitive information. 

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) Attack 

This type of attack occurs when a hacker attempts to infiltrate a two-party transaction. Typically, the perpetrator is intent on stealing and filtering data. This type of cyberattack is typically done when an unsuspecting victim logs onto unsecured public WiFi. 

How to Protect Oneself and One’s Business from Cybercrime 

Though being aware of the cyber threats out there is important, awareness alone won’t be able to protect one’s business. Understanding how to keep one’s business safe from cyber criminals is vital to its ability to enjoy security and protection. Here are some tips on how to keep one’s business safe from cybercrimes:

Invest in Cybersecurity Software 

Though this may seem obvious, there are those out there who put this vital safeguard off until it’s too late. Cybersecurity software is one of the most valuable lines of defense between one’s business and cyber criminals. It’s important to do research and find the service and plan that aligns best with one’s business’s needs. You may also need a cybersecurity professional or computer engineer who understands the software and knows how to implement it.

Be Careful with Public WiFi 

Everyone, especially business owners, is susceptible to cyberattacks such as MITM attacks when logged on to unsecured public WiFi. One can avoid this risk by making sure never to use a device that’s connected to one’s business’s network on unsecured public WiFi. If one has no choice but to use public WiFi, it’s important to use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep one’s device safe. 

Encrypt Data 

Business owners can help safeguard their businesses from cybercrime by encrypting data or changing readable data into an encrypted format. This way, even if a cyber criminal can breach a business’s cybersecurity measures, the data they gain access to may be useless to them. 

Update Passwords 

Though it may not seem all that important, updating passwords regularly can make you less vulnerable to cyberattacks. Typically, it is recommended that individuals or businesses should update passwords every three months. 

Make Employees Aware of Cyber Threats 

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same can be said of businesses. Even if a business owner does everything in their power to deter cyber criminals, an employee can accidentally make that effort pointless. Business owners need to foster a culture of cyber awareness in their companies to ensure that everyone is safe on the business’s network. 

Get Cyber Security Insurance 

Though one would hope that no cyber criminals make it through one’s cyber security software, the disheartening reality is that this can sometimes happen. This is where cyber security insurance can be a great investment for any business. This type of insurance will allow a business to be compensated for any damages that occur from a cyberattack. 

Staying Safe in the Digital Age 

With more business practices becoming digital — and hackers becoming savvier — business owners need to take responsibility for their company’s cyber security. It’s important to have an expert cyber security professional to implement effective cyber security strategies which are vital to a business’s safety in today’s digital age.

Rather than allow one’s business to be vulnerable to the attacks of cyber criminals, one should safeguard their business’s computer network to the best of their abilities and stay up-to-date with the newest cyber security practices.