If you have been following the news lately, then you have surely heard that Real Estate prices are up, and up a lot. Home valuations skyrocketed in desirable places around the globe in 2021, and there is no end to rising prices in sight. In fact, 2022 is poised to be the highest housing market in history! 

Some cities are expecting a price hike of 20%, or more for homes in the most popular areas, and there are many of them. One of the fastest growing sectors within the housing boom is new construction homes and communities. Many people want to purchase a brand-new house because they are planning to live there forever. 

Others appreciate the long manufacturer warranties that cover all the major parts of the home from defects, or damages. Not to mention that the new homes being built these days are loaded with built in technologies that make everyday living easy and more comfortable than ever before…

New Construction Options

The available new home configurations, sizes, prices, and locations are across the board. New home builders provide everything from new villas, townhomes, and brand-new single-family homes for sale, within the master-planned neighborhoods they construct. 

Some, more exclusive builders only build and sell luxury homes. These types of properties sell in the millions of dollars and are packed with cutting edge technologies in 2022. 

However, even smaller new construction homes can be upgraded with amazing tech, for additional costs that vary by builder.

Best Built in Tech!

Some of the best built in technology that really makes life much easier for homeowners because they take care of the things you want every day. They include things like Alexa built into the home with stations accessible from every room. Most are voice activated and can control every aspect of the house. Alexa can turn the light on and off on command. Plus, she can control the radio stations, TVs, and any other electronics too.

Built in Wi-Fi is extremely popular as well. The builders can install any Wi-Fi devise into the beams, near the apex of the home’s roof. This way you always get the strongest signal, which translates into perfect reception for internet connections and streaming television, a popular way to watch tv these days.

Central Vacs are something that has been around for a while. But the advancements made on central vas systems have come along way. In 2022, many new homes contain a robust, cutting edge central vacuum system, that has connections throughout the house and within each room respectively.

Automatic door locks and door opening systems! Yes, it is true, and more houses are being constructed with them each month. These can be super useful, and make life much easier overall. Just think about it! You come back home from grocery shopping and don’t have any free hands to unlock and open the door. The automatic system does this for you by the touch of a button, or voice activated.

What are the Costs Involved?

You might think that the costs for all these advanced technologies would be astronomical. But they aren’t really that expensive when you compare the costs to other, older homes, that don’t have these advancements. The real estate market dictates prices, and right now the median home value is up across the globe. You might be surprised that these built-in technologies can be installed during construction for a fraction of the cost of installing them afterwards. 


There is a plethora of technologies out there that can be incorporated into any house. Each builder offers different products and prices too. The best way to identifies the best deal is by shopping the different builders, their models, and prices. This way you know what is available to buy and how much they will cost overall. Most of the time, the costs associated with adding built in technologies can be included into your home loan, and mortgage packages which can be offered by licensed lenders and mortgage brokers alike. 

Remember that the additional cost will represent additional value for your property, which can translate into higher selling prices when and if you decide to sell in the future. Moreover, you and your family will get to enjoy the lifestyle that built in technologies provide in 2022 and beyond!