Thu. May 30th, 2024
Custom Washi Tape

Custom Washi Tape Well, it’s time to fix that! Let’s put those cute wheels of joy to use!

Here are some creative and fun washi tape ideas for your Bullet Journal.

Just one more thing – I actually have a video at the end of the post where I show 13 ways to use washi tape in your BuJo, so if you want to see them in action be sure to scroll until the end.

And I’ll also be mentioning some of my favorite places to get washi tape as well!

1. Page Tabs

Do you want to easily flip through your journal? Use some Custom washi tape to create little tabs. 

Cut a piece of custom washi tape and stick around ⅓ of it to a page. Then fold the tape and stick it to the other side of the page. 

This will create a small little flap coming out of your pages, so the marked page will always stand out and it will be easy to find.

You can add those to section out the months in your BuJo, or maybe just to mark important pages you’ll be going back to often.

Alternatively, you can always cut out your dividers from harder paper like scrapbooking paper and use washi tape to attach them to your pages.

2.Cover Up Mistakes

Custom Washi Tape is amazing in covering up mistakes, especially if it happens to be on a header.

It’s pretty easy. Basically, just cover your mistake with washi tape! Use black washi to write with white (or gold) pen on top of it (like I did in my 2019 Bullet Journal Setup), or maybe add something cheerful and colorful – whatever fits your page design better!

You can even turn it into a theme for the page you’re making and do all the headers the same way with washi. No one will ever know of that mistake hiding behind it. Unless you blog about it.