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Custom keychains are a timeless classic when it comes to giving someone a thought or giving us a small gift that represents a memory (key rings are still among the most popular souvenirs today), an affection, something that gives us a smile every time we look at it or when you want to make one as a corporate gadget or on the occasion of a special event, for example for trade fairs or conventions.

But how to choose the perfect customizable keychain , which is beautiful but also of quality? And what kind of custom keychains are best for you? Let’s find out together.

Custom keychains: when beauty and functionality come together

The word itself indicates the key function of this object, but surely the reason why we buy a Custom keychain in the first place is its usefulness , but as they say, the eye also wants its part, and the importance of quality goes to the aesthetic one.

For each person there are the Custom keychains suitable for her or him: from the eco-friendly wooden ones for customization by laser for a sweet thought, a motto or a logo, to the multitasking ones like small torches and bottle openers with always the right message or printed or engraved image. The latter, which have multiple uses, are among the most appreciated by those who love small and multifunctional gadgets to always have “mini tools” at hand.

Why Choose a Quality Custom Keychain

Custom keychain is an indispensable object is out of the question, we could hardly live without it, and precisely because we do not want to be locked out of the house it must give us a certain security as we cannot risk that pulling it out of our pockets or bags will lose some pieces for street, and by piece we mean our most precious keys. That is why, whether it is a gift or a purchase for us, we must make sure of its resistance and quality.

Furthermore, when we talk about the quality of the keychain we do not only refer to the ring or lace of different materials that will hold the keys together but also to the part that makes the keychain unique, especially if personalized as we do not want to run the risk of it breaking easily. that the logo or the writing fades (or loses color by dyeing the inside of our pockets) or that the photo gets damaged due to humidity. Therefore, when we choose a personalized keychain we must take all these aspects into consideration.

The beauty of photo custom keychains

Among the various types of Custom keychains, the one with a photo is one of the most traditional and beautiful because perhaps it is the most personal and heartfelt one. It is not just a keychain, it is the desire to always have with you and feel close to someone you love, whether it is one or more people or the puppies of the house such as dogs and cats.

If you are looking for some inspiration, Airone proposes the traditional transparent plastic keychain that allows you to insert the image printed on paper but not only: in fact, among the other options we also find the Custom keychains of different types such as the round or t-shaped one. shirt. The photo gadget keychain they are functional, of quality (if chosen carefully) and beautiful not only in form but also for what it represents.

Why choose custom keychains as a gift idea?

The  personalized keychain is one of the most used items in the promotional gadget market . Each of us keeps house or car keys in his pocket or bag, therefore it is an object that is part of our daily use, which is why it represents the right gift idea to promote your business.

It is therefore necessary to give a custom keychain that stands out from all the products on the market, Creation Web in fact offers its customers a wide range of keychain models , different from each other in color, shapes and materials. Choose the keychain that best suits your needs to promote your corporate brand . What are you waiting for? Browse our online catalog and buy now. 

How are Promotional Keychains customized?

The printing technique used for the customization of the advertising keychains is UV digital printing, which allows you to customize the key ring in a four-color process, with a high print quality, especially in the smallest details. Take advantage of the support of our team and choose the perfect corporate gift.

Which Custom Keychain models can I choose from?

You will find a large section of different models suitable for every need. Discover our selection of customizable key rings in wood, plexiglass and aluminum, but not only. Bottle opener keychain, keychain with led light, token keychain. Surprise your customers by giving them a quality keychain with an original shape.


Loved by young and old, custom gadgets are promotional items that everyone really likes, which gives satisfaction to do and of course, to receive.

In the top ten of the most requested gadgets ever, we undoubtedly find custom keychains, timeless objects both for their price and for their usefulness.

Although they have seen a slight decline in recent years, also due to the entry into the market of items. Such as shopping bags and custom thermos and the fact that they have been widely used in the past. They are now back stronger than before thanks to the original and colorful variations made available.

The advantages of these gadgets are still what made them popular years ago. First of all, they are custom gadgets but very cheap for this reason they can be distributed in large events, where there is a high influx of people such as at trade fairs or during conventions and seminars.

Secondly, their success is also to be found in their usefulness. Everyone has more than a bunch of keys: apartment keys, car keys, keys to the bike lock, office, gates etc … These are consumer gadgets appreciated by everyone and can be combined with many other accessories customizable, they do not know seasonality and genre.

In short, they are evergreen gadgets that can be adapted to any company, all budgets and all circumstances.